First Battle


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    First Battle

    Post by Belmont on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:25 am

    "Saber, get rid of that nuisance."

    His Servant started her charge. Her opponent was Archer, who did not speak a single word or react to her Master's provocative words, he was deemed an useless and boring Servant.


    Five slashes. Each were aimed to take Archer's life and they would have instantly killed him but Archer was no longer there when she arrived.


    Archer retreated with speed that was impossible for Servant. He had not used any incantations or had anything to increase his speed such a mount.

    "Tsch. His Master is just as worthless as his Servant. Using a Command Spell already..."

    Saber stopped as she could not catch up to him. She also felt the power of a Command Spell and took a glance at her Master.

    "It's not worth using a Command Spell to catch up to him, he's no match for you anyways, such a weak Servant will be killed soon enough."

    Saber nodded and returned to his Master. The battle had ended.

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