Beginning of the End


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    Beginning of the End

    Post by Belmont on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:06 am

    The Holy Grail War had begun, the last Master had arrived at Fuyuki City.

    "Our contract is now complete, I shall clear the way to the Holy Grail for you, Master."

    He had traveled for several days in order to reach Japan as he could not allow himself to be captured now. He made sure to keep himself hidden from the Association.


    Japan was an ideal place for him, it was well hidden from the eyes of the Association and it is also the land where he will obtain freedom once again.

    "Very well, I did not expect any less from you."

    They started to move, they shared the same goal. No words were required for them to communicate, both of them knew how powerful their respective partner is.

    "I have drawn the strongest card, the Holy Grail will definitely be mine."

    His Servant was from the class Saber, commonly assumed to be the best class overall, with high ratings in all categories.

    "Yes, Master. The Holy Grail can only be obtained by us."

    Saber dematerialized herself without further delay. Her Master already knew where to begin.

    "It's going to rain soon..."

    Under the cloudy sky a lone person started to move.

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