Day 1: Prelude to the War.



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    Day 1: Prelude to the War.

    Post by Aelms on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:17 am

    Fuyuki Bridge, around 13:00

    The boy looked out towards the ocean. He allowed himself to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, feeling the presence of the people passing by him. Never before had he seen anyone beyond the fences of the Einzbern Castle in Germany, let alone the amount of people that filled up the city.

    “Is it fun to zone out like that?” A voice suddenly called out. The boy immediately recognized it to be a female's voice, probably one in her youth.

    His expectations were met when he turned around to face a teenage girl who was probably around his age. The difference in their height caused him to adjust his field of vision downwards. She was a girl with rather good proportions, not too remarkable anywhere and wore clothing that blended perfectly with the crowd. Although he tried to remain calm on the outside, he was still quite flustered to have a stranger just call out to him. Thus, the girl was met with silence. Needless to say, she got a bit annoyed.

    “It's a little rude for you to just keep quiet like that.” She continued. Suddenly, her eyes widened as if reaching a realization to something. “Could it be that you don't understand what I'm saying?”

    The boy understood immediately. His white hair and red eyes made it obvious that he came from outside the country. He was a foreigner at these parts, and it showed. Of course, he knew more than just the basics of the Japanese language.

    “No...thats not it.” He said, stuttering more than he would have liked.

    “Ah. So you can speak. In that case, would you like to answer my original question Gaijin-san?”
    She let off a smile, showing that she didn't think anything of the way she called him.

    “...This isn't really for fun. I'm just trying to kill some time before I have to go.”

    “Go where?” she asked, head tilting slightly. “Is there some kind of big event that I forgot about?” She place her elbow on her palm and started tapping her chin, her finger brushing against her dark brown hair.

    Not feeling like answering her, the boy simply turned away and started walking away.

    “Oi! Wait up!”

    She was met with a questioning gaze, but she thought nothing of it and brushed it off.

    “I'm guessing that you don't know your way around town, right? Let me take you around, Gaijin-san.”

    “...fine. Just try not to get in my way” The boy answered. He knew not why he agreed to something so ridiculous. It was unthinkable and illogical for him to move around with a civilian like her. She would only get in the way if anything happened. He opened his mouth again slightly, as if to speak.

    “By the way, my name is Ayane. Tsukino Ayane (Surname-Given Name). Just call me by my first name.” She interupted unintentionally.

    Then perhaps just by a miniscule margin, he changed his mind.

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