Second Day


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    Second Day

    Post by Father Vincent on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:56 am

    In front of the computer in a dark room, Father Vincent is furiously clicking his mouse while mashing his keyboard.


    Father Peter races in and knocks down the door.

    "ARE YOU OK-oh you're just playing a game..."

    "Excuse me? This isn't JUST a game. This is Bloodline Champions son! I'm calling it out right now; it'll be the next major e-sport. I'm playing an Alchemist, the healer. I'd do a lot better if MY TEAMMATES WEREN'T COMPLETE SHIT! I mean, they just break my stuns all day, run away from my heals, and-"

    "Father Vincent, the Holy Grail War has started. I wish you'd take your role seriously. Am I going to have to call your parents?"

    "Someone's stick is shoved too far up their ass. Shouldn't you retire or something; you're like 65. Anyways, there's nothing to do right now. I'm pretty much here all day long in case anybody needs me. What else do you want me to do?"

    "How about actually attending the masses in your own Church? We aren't ONLY about the Holy Grail-"

    "No leave me alone. I hate mass. You're better at that stuff anyways."

    Father Peter sighs. There is no winning with this boy. He is right though; he's unenthusiastic about the prayers and teachings. Even the most devout followers of God want to fall asleep merely hearing Father Vincent talk. As he starts to make his way out of the room...

    "Sir, I have come back with your copy of Sekien on Inganock."

    "Oh good I was looking forward to that. You may leave."

    IS HE USING HIS SUBORDINATES TO BUY HIS VIDEO GAMES FOR HIM?! Father Peter starts to turn red in the face. Some of his grey hair falls off, and his veins are bulging from his head. Father Peter takes a deep breath and raises his fist...

    The sound of a loud impact and a boy's scream was carried throughout Fuyuki City that afternoon.

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