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    Character Creation

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    Character Creation
    Rules of character creation and source of inspiration.
    A good thumb of rule you should remember from start. If something isn't on your character sheet your character doesn't have it! Be it a spell, a weapon or special ability. A single game is going to take lots of time and you wouldn't want to be stuck with an incomplete character. Take time designing your character and go in great detail with him or her.

    Still don't limit yourself too much when creating a character. Try things that interest you and ask questions from the game-masters when in doubt. Your character doesn't have to be a magus to summon a servant. Your quality as a master isn't decided on your prana capacity and spell library only.

    Simply go in to your profile and select the Character Data tab. From there you will asked to generate a character sheet in to which you can create your character. It cannot be viewed by anyone else expect you and the forum moderators and admins.
    You create your character by spending points on things you want for your character. The amount of points you can spend to your character is 200 character points. With those points you will purchase all skills, spells, items, equipment and stats for your character.

    Character Data and Defects
    Things you could purchase with character points are written with green colors. Defects are things that are hindrance to your character but they give you some character points for further spending, marked with blue colors.

    No, you are not required to get any of the following abilities, skills, items or defects. They are all things I could think up which would cause questions laters. You have free hands on your character creation as long as you stay within the rules of nasuverse and obey the banned section at the end of this post.

    You are free to come up with your own abilities, items and defects for your character. They will be reviewed by the game-master and he will judge how many points it will cost. The following examples are guidelines of how many character points things will cost unless you decide to edit them. The abilities with red colors are only examples and you should not add them to your character.

    Magus 101 — Explanations for the terms and how they function in this game.
    The pseudo-nerves within a magus' body. What produces one's own Prana and the pipeline that moves the system or to be more precise, the pathways to convert life energy into Prana, the pathways that take in and convert Mana into something usable, and the pathways that connect to the high thaumaturgy formula (program) systems. What magi are ultimately using is Od, converted life-force and Mana. The number of these are determined at birth. Lineages do what they can to tamper with their blood in order to birth a heir with even just one more circuit. Once opened, these can be turned on and off at one's will. The average number of circuits for a magus is 20. However, the quality and precision of the circuits may differ by lineage.
    • Each basic circuit (1.5) increases your quality points by 2, prana capacity by 5 and hourly prana regeneration by 0.25 units.
    • Each average circuit (2) increases your circuit quality points by 3, prana capacity by 15 and hourly prana regeneration by 1.5 units.
    • Each superior circuit (2.5) increases your circuit quality points by 4, prana capacity by 25 and hourly prana regeneration by 3.75 units.
    You can only posses one type of circuits and the maximum amount is 40. Your circuit quality number acts as resistance against controlling spells. Controlling spells have low success rate even on those with low circuit count, however the controlling spells of servants are on different level and have better chance to work. You can attempt to convert double the amount of prana per circuit, however those circuits will be rendered unusable for the rest of the game.
    For example if you had 96 prana left and your character has average circuits, that would mean 12 circuits can handle those 96 prana. Lets say you want to push the amount of prana six circuits can handle to their limits, which would result 48 (6x8) prana doubling to 96 prana for one round. However those six circuits will be rendered unusable for the rest of the game.
    Master Rank
    Your abilities as a master are mostly determined by your magical circuits. Even if you have close to none low quality circuits your servants stats won't suffer, but if you have many good quality circuits you can bring out your servants abilities and stats more. Each servant has predetermined priority which stat will be buffed first.
    E You fail as a master and get no buffs for your servant.
    D Your circuit quality points are higher than 25. Worth one parameter boost.
    C Your circuit quality points are higher than 50. Worth two parameter boosts.
    B Your circuit quality points are higher than 80. Worth three parameter boosts.
    A Your circuit quality points are higher than 125. Worth four parameter boosts.
    Family Crest
    The inheritance of a lineage. The concentrated knowledge of the generations within a family. Circuits given form. An internal Grimoire. Without it, a person really cannot be considered a magus. Or at least is at a serious disadvantage. While spells are only temporary and instantaneous, crests are a form of thaumaturgy that are long-lasting. In a sense, the mystical embodiment of the research and history of a family line. When Prana isn't being passed through them, crests are not visible. Just like normal circuits, these are like internal organisms and thus cannot be passed along to those outside of the family. As these are circuits, just by engraving some of these on the body, transplantation rejection occurs.
    The spells the crest possess must be paid with character points separately. You must also write a description where you obtained your crest. Your magical crest is bough in levels. Each level (5) adds 50 years to your crests age and one more spell to its library. You can upgrade your crest up to level 10.
    For some spell inspiration this site is an excellent source. Please do not blatantly copy spells unless you have a good reason for it.
    Tohsaka specialises in transfer of prana, specifically into jewels.
    Matou specialises in restraint and absorption.
    Einzbern specialises in transfer of consciousness.
    With this data you can create companions that help you in battle or other side-characters such as family members.
    • Normal Human
      Family members or friends who you are staying in contact with. Doesn't cost character points. If they are staying in Fuyuki City and you have deep feelings for them they count as defect for your character, each worth (5) points to maximum of 15. You are required to give some basic descriptions for each character you create this way.
    • Familiar or Battle Companion (Varies)
      A character that is on your side and actively participates on the Holy Grail War. They are characters of their own but they try to work for the best interest of their master. You spend character points normally to them like you would spend on your own character, however their total character point cost is halved.
    For example you want a Familiar which would cost 120 character points. Half of that amount is deducted from the amount of character points you can use on your character, which in this case would be 60.

    Reality Marble
    A similar and disimilar method of world creation as that of Marble Phantasms. Reality Marbles can force all things to obey their rules. Unlike Marble Phantasms, it is limited to one pattern. As just one aspect is put into form, the user cannot add his own will into the form of the barrier. On the other hand, as it can affect things that are not of nature, it can be said to surpass Marble Phantasms. However, should anything other than extensions of nature (elementals) create an alien world, the world itself will crush that other world. As a result, a tremendous amount of energy is required to maintain it, meaning that one Reality Marble can only function for a few minutes. On the other hand, Nrvnqsr is using his Reality Marble within himself which allows him to avoid adjustment by the world.
    Unlimited Blade Works (60)

    The chemical elements that make up the world, according to the Association. Wind, earth, water, fire and void. However, there are those that bear elements that belong to neither of these, but they tend to not be part of the Association or belong to very specialized houses. Alignment can be altered, but it is extremely, extremely, dangerous and painful.
    Being proficient with some element gives you bonuses to spells regarding that attribute. It's possible to be proficient with multiple elements. First element is free as every character is proficient with at least one element. Each element after that costs (10) character points per element.

    Just listing some items from the top of my head an giving them some character point costs for guidelines. You should try coming up with your own items.
    • Mundane Items
      Cars, phones, listening bugs and tracking devices. If you think you'll need such things they cost points as well, only few though. Car would be (3) points while a phone would be (2) points. You don't need to spend points to things that don't offer you any advantage - but for example with a car you can move faster during your rounds so it counts as an advantage.
    • Weapons (Varies)
      Remember that normal weapons cannot harm servants. If you're looking for weapon ideas I've collected some weapon sketches to this album. Having some specific weapon types can carry risks too. Possessing a gun will be treated as a major offense if found out by the police forces. Using powerful explosives as C4 will most likely trigger investigations to track you down.
    • Magical Items (Varies)
      Magical items cost vary greatly depending on their effects. Generally I refer Ritual Equipment and Mystic Codes as Magical Items but it could be something else as well.
      Ritual Equipment and Mystic Codes are tools that Magus uses to support and augment his casting. A magus is normally going to have at least one. These are broken up into two broad categories. The first is one that acts as an amplifier to augment or supplement the caster's Prana or enhance his spells (Rin's gems for instance). The second are ones that use the caster's Prana as fuel to execute a predetermined mystery. A magus will have one of the former. The second type, while not having as many applications, is very powerful.
    • Fragarach (110)
    • Salamander Glove (15)
      A glove made out of salamander skin. Used by Azaka to help her use her spells. An amplifier and limiter.
    • Touko's Coat (Varies)
      You can have something similar to Toukos's Coat, but the cost differs depending on how powerful you want it to be.
      Shuts off circuits of all forms of thaumaturgy. In other words, has resistance to any form of thaumaturgy, be it runes or what not. Also what saved Touko from being crushed by Araya's Shuku, but got torn to shreds from just one hit of that.

    Secret Power
    You can spend any amount of character points to Secret Power ability. The GM will multiply those points by 1.5 and spend them on some secret powers that your character will develop during the war. The power is guaranteed to manifest at some points, however there is a possibility that you will never get to use it if you die too early.

    Martial Arts
    Depending on your battle style they might have special effects. For example for Kuzukis style I'd set an effect where it's impossible to block his attacks for certain amount of turns unless the character has high enough Environmental Awareness.
    Kuzuki Snake Attacks (40)

    You can own any number of estates. Owning none is possible too. However your characters stat and abilities will suffer unless his basic necessities such as eating and sleeping aren't fulfilled. With some estates you can choose your location freely but you can't choose those already marked on the map naturally.
    • Einzbern Castle
      Only available to the heir of the Einzbern. Will posses a free-cost Bounded Barrier but its effect will depend on the Magus rank of the owner. Castles location is known from the start.
    • Tohsaka Mansion
      Only available to the heir of the Tohsaka. Will posses a free-cost Bounded Barrier but its effect will depend on the Magus rank of the owner. Mansions location is known from the start.
    • Matou Mansion
      Only available to the heir of the Matou. Will posses a free-cost Bounded Barrier but its effect will depend on the Magus rank of the owner. Mansions location is known from the start.
    • Normal House (5)
      Few rooms with the basic necessities. Doesn't have its own yard. You can choose your location from the areas that have houses near them.
    • Big House (10)
      Similar to Emiya Residence. Has its own yard and a wall around the territory. You can choose your location from the areas that have houses near them.
    • Hidden House (15)
      Few rooms with the basic necessities. You can choose your location from anywhere on the map.
    • Bounded Barrier (10)
      Can be added to any of your residences.
      Reacts to those breaking in with ill intent. Very good at detection but no offensive or defensive traits to it. You can feel if the one entering is human or not. There are ways to get through it unnoticed though.
    • Prana Concealment (10)
      Can be added to any of your residences. Makes all prana traces inside the area of your house untraceable. Will not fool those with very high Magical Awareness.
    • Ryuudouji Temple

    Having neither of the following is possible too. You could try to find some other ways of income too.
    • Rich
      Your character doesn't suffer from any money problems. You don't have to bother yourself with living expenses or any of the sort. With this perk you could stay in a hotel for a month with no worries. (5)
    • Poor
      Your characters needs to maintain a normal day job to cover his living expenses. Skipping your work may lead to some trouble along the way. (10)

    Physical Disability counts as Defect. It could be something like injured or missing limbs and broken senses. Depending how many disabilities you have and on how severe they are you get more points back. It can affect your stats or skills.

    Achilles Heel
    The character loses twice as many Health Points as normal from a particular attack form, which must fit with the character concept.
    Depending on how common the attack form is you can get maximum of (10) character points back.

    The Curse can take a near limitless number of forms, but should provide a character with an obvious disadvantage.
    Depending on how bad the curse is you can get maximum of (10) character points back.

    Reduced Health
    The character is less durable than his END stat would otherwise suggest. For every 5 health points you reduce you get (4) character points back to maximum of 12.

    Special Requirement
    This Defect means the character has a Special Requirement that must be fulfilled in order for him to continue to function normally. For example a vampires thirst for blood. The Special Requirement may involve a physical object, an event, an action, an environmental condition, or even a state of mind.
    Depending on how common the requirement is you can get maximum of (10) character points back.

    The character is wanted by the law, a powerful criminal, or private organisation that has placed a price on his head.
    Depending on how big the reward and activity for search is is you can get maximum of (10) character points back.

    Damaged Prana Recovery
    Your character only recovers half of the prana amount he normally would. (5)

    There are lots of things you can't do legally. You are also under the care of some person like a parent or your relative. (10) If you are a teenager living on your own house with nobody supervising on you it doesn't count as a defect.

    Honor Codes
    If you have honor codes such as you will not kill anybody or will only harm somebody in self-defense you can list them on this defect and receive some points back. The honor codes can be still broken but you skills will suffer big time until you have atoned for your sins. Generally a single honor code will give you (1-3) points back.

    These powers are banned and cannot be bought by your character.
    • Dragons.
    • Reality Marbles similar to the ones used on Nasuverse so far.
    • Marble Phantasm.
    • Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.
    • Dead Apostle or True Ancestor.
    • Characters based on people that would be on high position on the organizations Nasuverse has.
    • Human characters possessing Noble Phantasm from the ones used on Nasuverse so far.

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