Reflections under the Winter's stars


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    Reflections under the Winter's stars

    Post by Xenovent on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:14 am

    December 14th, 18:00

    Itsuki laid his back against a wall and looked up at the stars. Winters brought the stars out quickly…but truthfully, he had always considered the winter night sky as a marvel of the world's beauty, and always looked forward to their unveiling as the light faded. His servant was off making preparations, and allowed Itsuki some time to reflect on the day's events.

    However, this night his thoughts were muddled. He had found himself pulled into this "Holy Grail War" as a magical flyer had informed him. He hadn't yet gone to the church as the flyer had instructed because his 'servant' had informed him it would be a waste of time. The objective, he was told, was to kill the other Masters, claim the Holy Grail, and use its powers to grant the winner a 'miracle', a wish of any kind.

    Itsuki was not a violent man, nor did he have any wish to become one to feed his desires. Part monk, part 'keeper of the peace', he didn't care much for wealth, power, or much of the sort. However…this 'Holy Grail' presented a challenge. After considering it most of the day, he wondered if it were this that had drawn him to this place. It was, after all, the vortex of conflict, as his servant had explained in so many words. He had even met a Master earlier who had quickly informed him that, although protected by the daylight, they would have to fight eventually. The draw of power, Itsuki noted with a sigh, always caused problems of this kind.

    What should we do, Yozora? He asked unsurely, The Father Vincent informed us we can withdraw if we want. But I know we've been drawn here for a reason, and it likely has to do with this Holy Grail War itself. I have no desire to fight for it, and even less to kill for it.

    Yozora, faithfully, played the devil's advocate, I understand, but this obviously a powerful artifact. Any wish you want? There's a lot you could do with something like that.

    But you know I don't desire anything that I can be given from without.

    What about your mother?

    Mother. Yozora's response was given with no hesitation. Sometimes Itsuki thought she could read his soul better than he could. His mother had died tragically almost 6 years ago…and had been the impetus for Itsuki's forage into taboo. Also, ironically, the reason Yozora was with him now. Could he ask the Holy Grail to bring her back to life? He paused…it had been many years since he had thought about that subject; namely reviving the dead. It still hung around him as a reminder of his sin. The consequences had nearly cost him his lineage, his family, and perhaps his very soul. It left nothing but a sour taste in his mouth.

    Absolutely not. I learned my lesson about letting the dead lay dead. We've been through dozens of situations where people tried to do the same…and look what it caused and cost them.

    Yes…but this isn't like them. This proposes to be a 'miracle', not magic as we know it.

    Itsuki frowned. He disliked that Yozora was even proposing the idea. Her calm voice, for once, bothered him in its serenity. He tried to change the topic.

    If you could have anything…what would it be?

    The topic of desire had actually never come up in the six years they had been together. They had missions and duty and more practical things to worry about. And besides…

    Hm...I suppose I would like to know who I am.

    Yozora herself had nothing that would lay the basis for desire. Guilt again panged in Itsuki. It was his fault she was like this. Empty, trapped with him, without identity or form. It was a miracle she even knew she was female.


    A miracle?

    What if we ask for that?

    What? Yozora let out a noise of surprise. He pressed on.

    We could ask the Holy Grail to give you back your identity. Your memories. You could finally know who you are…

    There was silence. Even without any visual cues, they had known each other long enough for Itsuki to infer her speechlessness.

    It's settled then, Itsuki concluded.

    Wait, but, you can't just decide that! This is no genie's lamp! Remember, you have to kill to win it!

    For this wish, I will do what it takes. He responded, the doubt banished from his mind. It is the least I owe you for everything you have done for me these many years.

    There was silence again. Struggling for something to say, Yozora threw out, We should at least sleep on it. Things might look differently in the morning.

    Itsuki nodded, although he knew what he said could not be taken back. Even while trying to remain calm, he knew that the prospect of getting her identify was too overwhelming for her to say no. It might as well have been restoring her life to her.

    Except this time, it was no taboo.

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