The Arrival


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    The Arrival

    Post by Xenovent on Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:09 pm

    December 11th, 16:33

    Itsuki Kyumei stepped off the train and arrived in Fuyuki city. Dressed in the black and purple robes of a Buddhist monk, he drew some attention from passberbys not used to seeing vestiges of the old ways, but he paid them no mind.

    More importantly, he wanted to know why he was here. Something in him had felt a pull toward this city from distant Ise. When he first stepped on the train, he couldn't have told you where he was going…not until he saw the name Fuyuki flash across the destination indicator. And now, here he was.

    He sensed a terrible premonition. Something disastrous was lurking beneath the surface of this city. He knew this because he and his entire family had devoted themselves to maintaining the harmony of life for a hundred years. They had developed a sixth sense, therefore, of when something wasn't quite right.

    Of course, Itsuki was somewhat the 'black ops' guy of his family. Trained to be the heir to his family lineage as mediator between the natural and spiritual realms, Itsuki had done the unthinkable--tried to revive the dead. The result? He had twisted his spirit and wrapped around it a poor wispy soul who had no idea who she was. Sharing the same body, the two grew to become best of friends. Under ordinary circumstances, Itsuki would have been expelled from the family. But he was far too valuable, so he was instead sent on a mission of repentance: Prove his dedication to harmony by tackling the hardest challenges in the nation. He was used to bitter lingering spirits possessing whole towns, or settling conflicts between massive forest spirits and recklessly expanding cities. But this, this was a whole new ballgame, Itsuki felt.

    While Itsuki was pondering his next move, Yozora invaded his heavy thoughts,

    No need to tarry. Let's begin investigating like usual, no?

    Yozora, of course, was the spirit who Itskuki had mistakenly pulled from Beyond. Perhaps it was the incomplete way she was "summoned," or that her spirit had been far too recycled, but she had no memory of her past life. Itsuki named her Yozora after the night sky from whence she had been pulled. She often played the balance to Itsuki's own sharp and ponderous nature. She was gentle, forgiving, and didn't allow herself to be bogged down by uncertainty. Itsuki, however, was sharp, inflexible, and as far as keeping to his dedication to maintaining perfect balance, ruthless. The two complemented each other beautifully, and they grew together constantly finding the "Middle Path" in their dealings.

    Itsuki smiled lightly, and nodded to his companion whom only he could 'see', "Then, let us be off." he spoke to himself, and stepped into the wide city, anticipating anything, and expecting nothing.

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