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    Capabilities of your character explained.
    Human stats are from F to H. If you want to gain Servant stats for your human character you should consult the game-master. Servant stats are from E to A. It's possible to raise servant stats to A+ and A++ status but there are special reasons for those stats. It might be also possible to raise masters stats through servant buffs or abilities the master possess, but only temporarily.

    Your character starts with H rank on each of his stat for free. Raising a stat by one parameter costs 10 character points.

    Servants stats can change depending on the master. That will be covered on master creation thread. As a general thumb of rule I recommend spending at least 50 character points to your characters stats. Less is possible if you wanna rely more on technique. You could also spend more if you want to try match servants on combat, however the most you probably can do is hold your grounds on a defensive fight and hope they will not go all-out. Beating a servant would need miraculous chances.
    Strength (STR) (Servant and Human)
    Generally refers not so much to physical strength but normal attack strength.
    A+ bench press of 6000 lbs. Attack power 60.
    A bench press of 5000 lbs. Attack power 50.
    B bench press of 3300 lbs. Attack power 45.
    C bench press of 1800 lbs. Attack power 40.
    D bench press of 800 lbs. Attack power 35.
    E bench press of 300 lbs. Attack power 30.
    F bench press of 200 lbs. Attack power 15.
    G bench press of 150 lbs. Attack power 10.
    H bench press of 80 lbs. Attack power 5.

    Endurance (END) (Servant and Human)
    Could be also called stamina and something that shows how much you can go over your limits. It helps in shrugging off curses, damage and fatigue. You can boost your health with skills bought with character points. Health points are regenerated by resting - 20% per hour. After battle your character also needs first aid if he suffered wounds.
    A+ 600 health points.
    A 500 health points.
    B 400 health points.
    C 300 health points.
    D 200 health points.
    E 100 health points.
    F 80 health points.
    G 60 health points.
    H 40 health points.

    Agility (AGI) (Servant and Human)
    Doesn't necessary mean only mobility, but also ability to evade and block attacks. Fine motor control and precision skill tasks use this stat. For special mobility abilities human characters need the proper skills, such as running on walls or jumping very high. For servants these feats are possible by default. They can also endlessly run without feeling fatigue so the only thing limiting their running speed is their masters speed.
    A+ running speed of 96 km/h. You can use 9 actions per battle round.
    A running speed of 80 km/h. You can use 8 actions per battle round.
    B running speed of 72 km/h. You can use 7 actions per battle round.
    C running speed of 55 km/h. You can use 6 actions per battle round.
    D running speed of 40 km/h. You can use 5 actions per battle round.
    E running speed of 32 km/h. You can use 4 actions per battle round.

    F can walk 7 km/h. Running speed of 24 km/h. You can use 3 actions per battle round.
    G can walk 5 km/h. Running speed of 16 km/h. You can use 2 actions per battle round.
    H can walk 3 km/h. Running speed of 8 km/h. You can use 1 action per battle round.

    Luck (LCK) (Servant and Human)
    Something that applies positively to pretty much everything you do for example chances of landing a critical hit or blocking enemy attacks. Luck modifier applies to evasion, accuracy, curse resistance and checks to reverse one's destiny — for example against Gae Bolg.

    Magical Energy (MGI) (Servant)
    Details how much prana capacity your servant will have depending on your magical energy stat rank. Notice that A+ rank can be only achieved through help of an external source. A++ can be only achieved with the help of Angra Mainyu.
    A+ 3000 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 20 units of prana per hour while resting.
    A 1500 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 18 units of prana per hour while resting.
    B 1200 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 16 units of prana per hour while resting.
    C 900 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 14 units of prana per hour while resting.
    D 600 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 12 units of prana per hour while resting.
    E 300 prana. Passive prana regeneration is 10 units of prana per hour while resting.

    Awareness stat is divided to Environmental and Magical awareness. Character that has keen senses but not good abilities as Magus or thaumaturgy knowledge is likely to have higher environmental awareness. However if you have bad normal senses but keen sensors for magical traces and good knowledge of thaumaturgy high magical awareness is more likely. Each character will start with sense of 10 on both, from there it can be boosted or nerfed depending on the skills or defects you buy for your character to maximum of 16 and minimum of 1. Zero in environmental awareness would mean that you can't interact with your environment normally at all, something akin to losing all your sense. Buying heightened hearing would increase your environmental awareness while getting a defect that weakens your spiritual sense would lower your magical awareness.

    With Environmental Awareness you can try to find hidden things around you. It allows you to adapt to strange combat styles faster and you can evade stealth attacks better. Remember that even if your environmental awareness is high it doesn't mean you can react to every happening if you don't have high enough stats. With Magical Awareness you can sense prana and spiritual traces from higher range. You can read magical attacks better and find ways to counter or evade them.

    Magical Awareness Map Sensing Ranges
    • 1-7 means you can't sense spiritual traces outside your visual sight. Even around 1-3 you might not be able to sense any spiritual traces.
    • 8-14 can sense things in 500 meter radius from himself. Depending on how high the stat is it's easier to pinpoint the target in high crowd areas.
    • 15-17 can sense things in 1 kilometer radius from himself.
    • 18-20 can sense things in 2 kilometer radius from himself.

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