Day Zero - December 13th


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    Day Zero - December 13th

    Post by RMX on Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:22 pm

    Day 0

    What a cold day. A cold, horrible day of December. My left hand hurts. It’s not much but I can’t shake off the feeling this might be the vanguard of something awful related to the poison in me. The coming winter also spreads common diseases to many people in this town, a lot of who are rich enough to pay for my services. Money has never been a problem; I decided to treat ordinary people as a façade to carry on my research of this town, so I always carried Grandfather’s book in my bag during my visits. Fuyuki City didn’t disappoint. Everywhere I looked I had the feeling something was off, but no leads either.

    My last visit for the day wasn’t very late, but nights were long and it was already pitch black. I had to attend to one of those rich, extravagant geezers that secluded themselves in their mansions, something not unusual for me. The man was apparently in good terms with the local yakuza and he showed everyone by not using any locks on the doors whatsoever. That old man caught a pneumonia from the recent cold, and eventually he made me go fetch some stuff from the detached building where he kept his collection. Oh right, I forgot to mention he was a fanatical collector of historical rarities, but that wasn’t a shocking surprise for me either. Most of those were kept in separate chests which were, as expected, unlocked.

    Hoping for something like this to happen, I took out Endo’s book and my own hastily-written notebook to look for something that I could link with this town’s mysterious past. These relics were mostly samurai armors and ancient scrolls, none of which worthy of mention, but one piece attracted my curiosity. At first I thought it was some sort of fossil, but upon further inspection it looked too thin to be that. Whatever it was, it was an old craftwork made of bone, probably from a big animal. No, because it was me, I was undoubtedly sure it was from human bone. Along with that realization, the pain in my left hand suddenly spiked. Fearing the comeback of the monster within me I panicked, and I frantically started looking for a healing seal in my pockets, dropping my notes and the magic book on the floor. To my surprise, the book, open on a full-page drawing of some ritual circle of sorts, began to emit a red, increasingly strong glow. It still wasn’t enough to distract my attention from my pain, but when I looked back at my hand, another red glow resonated with the book from my skin. A lightning flashed my eyes and my brain, filling the mansion’s night with red.

    In high contrast with the blinding light, everything just after was filled with darkness and silence, for all the light bulbs in this building must had died off just that instant. The pain gone, I actually felt comfortable, like feeling asleep and seeing a dream; and just like in a dream something that could not be there spoke to me:

    - ‘I salute you, Master’

    From a corner in the room, a pure white skull looked at me. No, a mask, a mask shaped like a skull, with a blood-red cross on its forehead acting as an all-seeing eye. At that moment, the words ‘I think I hit the jackpot’ replaced fear, which would be the most logical feeling.

    - ‘What on Earth have I unleashed upon me? What kind of creature are you?’
    - ‘I am your guardian of life. I am your vanguard of death. I am your Servant. You may call me Assassin’

    Grandfather was right, again. A wish-granting ceremony was held in this very town. However, the details were more absurd that I could have ever imagined.

    - ‘So you’re saying you are a hero from the past, and that we must team up and defeat every other team in order to have wish granted. Is that right?’
    - ‘It is as I said’
    - ‘You don’t look very heroic to me’
    - ‘Heroes and heroism come in many shapes and forms. You will come to learn that in this war’
    -‘So, what now?’
    -‘You may want to check your pocket’

    The incredible shadow who called himself Assassin pointed at my pants, where something was emitting a faint light from one of my pockets. As I reached for it I noticed there was something strange on my hand where there was only pain before.

    - ‘Those are your Command Seals. They are the proof that you are a participant in this Holy War, and allow you to impose your will on me. I pray that you will use them with wisdom’

    Inside my pocket was what I thought to be a discount coupon for a ramen restaurant I picked up on my way here. It was now an invitation from an overseer of the war. To my surprise this ‘Holy Grail War’ was hosted by the Church in this city. If there is a single thing my family learned from their patients, was to avoid any religious cult; and the Christian Church was the most feared of the lot by an abysmal difference. I can’t let them find me or my true nature if I want to survive and have my wish granted.

    - ‘Suddenly this city has become very dangerous for me. I’m going to head back home and think of a plan. That old bastard will have to wait for me in Hell’
    -‘I disagree. Illness obeys no man. It is your duty to help those suffering from disease. This holds specially true for such one as you. If you will not do it, I will go myself.’
    -‘Heh? Can you tell? Are you a doctor or something?’
    -‘I am more than meets the eye’

    And with those words he went into the main mansion building. I followed reluctantly, but that prodigious figure of that living shadow illuminated by the moon reminded me that I had found the ultimate chance to find a cure for me.

    Assassin. I felt I had tons of things to ask that man.

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