Summoning of the servant



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    Summoning of the servant

    Post by Meroy on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:51 am

    There were only a few days remaining before the war started. Some masters might have already summoned their servant. He had spent the past month looking around town and considering the best way to go. He had not talked to many people, and had not met any magus yet. He knew one lived very close to his house. He had not made contact with a magus. Too much was unknown. Was it a reckless magus that would simply attack him? If that was the case, his chances were pretty low.

    He usually went around late. After all, the war was probably not going to be fought in the middle of the day. His maid did most of the shopping that was needed. The times where he would go out during the day were when he went to the other side of the town. He was also aware of the approximate location of a castle in the forest to the south. He had gone to see the forest, but didn’t go farther. It could have been too risky.

    But for now, he had to give all his attention to the summoning of his servant. He was about to go to the basement. It was starting to get dark outside. He talked to his maid:
    ‘’I’m going down there; I might be busy for a while. I will need to concentrate, so you should not come down for any reason. The magical energy involved is much more than anything I have ever done before. Just close all the curtains and see to your normal occupations’’

    She agreed and he went down, now immerged in himself, only thinking about the summoning. He was taught how to do it, so it should not go wrong. A servant already had been summoned at this location in the past. He was planning to use the exact same one. He drew two magic circles, the one he would stand in and the one where his servant would appear. He placed the piece of helmet in the servant’s circle. This should make the summoning easier. Now standing in his own circle, he closed his eyes. Pulling magical energy, he started the incantation.

    As the incantation progressed, he felt magical energy leaving his body. It was as if all the magical energy located in this room was concentrated on the single action of bringing a servant through this little piece of helmet. It was indeed the first time he used a spell of this power, if it could even be called a spell. As he announced the last word, there was a flash. He was almost out of energy, but now was not the time for such worries. He looked in front of him at the man standing in the circle.

    ‘’Are you the servant I have called through the Holy Grail,’’ he asked in a clear voice.
    ‘’It does seem that way’’ answered the man.
    ‘’I am your master. Will you accept to fight for me, protect me and try your best to defeat your opponents? If you accept such a task, I shall do my best to achieve victory and make sure we both get through this’’
    ‘’I accept those terms’’

    Matou Shen looked at the man in front of him again. He looked like man on his 30-ish with short messy black hair, green eyes. He was wearing a bit spacious white shirt and black hakama pants. He also had fingerless battle gauntlets and black shoulder armor.

    Satisfied, he announced: ‘’we still have time before the war actually starts. I would like to take this time to rest. We can use tomorrow to discuss strategy, and go around the town on the next day.’’
    The servant nodded.
    He wanted to have full concentration when his servant told him about his abilities and they established a battle plan. He only needed to know one thing.
    ‘’Oh…what is your class? We can go over the more specific details about you tomorrow, but I’d like to know this.’’
    ‘’I am servant Lancer.’’
    Matou Shen smiled. He was happy with his servant. As his servant turned to spirit form, he went upstairs, wished his maid good night and went to sleep.

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