Arrival at the Matou Mansion.



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    Arrival at the Matou Mansion.

    Post by Meroy on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:31 am

    They arrived at the mansion about one month before it began. They were coming from another part of the country and he wanted to be familiar with the town. Fighting in an unknown environment puts you at a disadvantage. This month would be used to check around town. Arrangement had been made and he was now the owner of the Matou mansion. Looking at it, it really seemed like a good deal. He had not brought much: tools, the catalyst for the summoning, clothes and some food for the first days.

    He entered the house, and considered the boundary field around it. A pretty well designed one. He was confident this barrier would warn him about most intruders. The advantage of knowing the house should do the rest, should a battle arise. He would still prefer not fighting inside, as it would bring the attention of people there. He turned to the maid.
    ‘’How do you like it?’’, he asked.
    ‘’I guess it is similar to what we’re used to. A little better, and with less people moving around. Are you satisfied’’
    ‘’Yes, we might move some stuff around. I want this room to be completely empty. We can do that next week, when we’re established’’
    And he pointed one of the rooms. It was a simple square room. She agreed.
    ‘’I’ll just finish looking around, and then I’ll go sleep. I’m not used to travelling long distances. You should do the same. Make sure everything is locked’’
    After she agreed, he continued walking, eventually going to the basement. It was a dark place. He felt uncomfortable with it; as if this place saw some bad events happen. It did seem like the proper place to do the summoning, so he figured he might get used to it. After seeing that, he decided to call it a day and go to sleep.

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