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    First day

    Post by Father Vincent on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:53 am

    Father Vincent is inside a dark room, typing away at a computer. Man this is such a nice vacation, he thought. Being the Supervisor is just so easy. He sits around all day doing nothing and his parents don't have to bug him. No more additional training, no more missions to do, just me and the computer. Father Vincent opens up a bag of chips and pours some Sprite in a glass. "Time to play True Remembrance...AGAIN!", he exclaims. Father Vincent, age 16, is a shameless otaku. He plays games all day long and has his subordinates do all the boring stuff for him. His parents aren't here, so he's pretty much the boss of this place. Well, there's one person, but he doesn't really-


    "I got it okay? Stop screaming and don't say my real name. Security reasons, remember?"

    "We-...Father Vincent, your parents have entrusted me to look after you and make sure you're doing your job. You haven't done any work for the past month you've been here. At least do the most important job."

    "Ok, Father Peter. I get it. Just let me finish this scene first! I'm at the exciting part where you find out that La is really-!"

    "I don't care! I want the rules delivered to each and every Master within an hour. You hear?!"

    "Ok ok. I already spent last night writing it anyways..."

    Father Vincent calls on a subordinate. "Oi, I want you to go to the highest building in Fuyuki and just throw all these papers down below." He hands his subordinate many bags filled with cards inside. In these cards are the rules and expectations of the Holy Grail War. Wei has no clue how it worked, but only Masters can see what is written. Everyone else cannot see that this is written:

    "Greetings. If you can read this, this means that you are a Master participating in the Holy Grail War. If you do not know what either terms mean, please visit the church located at 30I. In case you are interested, I am Father Vincent, the Supervisor of this War. It is my job to keep the Holy Grail War a secret from non-magi. Here are some general things you should know, however:

    1) Keep all battles a secret. If you do not, you will face serious consequences.
    2) If you have a question, come see me at the church located at 30I. If you are the last Master alive, please come see me so I can give you the Grail.
    3) All aggresive acts against me is an act against the Church itself. This also holds true for my subordinates.
    4) If you do not wish to be a Master, come see me so I can remove your status as a Master.
    5) For security reasons, please leave all familiars, weapons, and Servants outside the church when you come see me. My subordinates will make sure they are safe. There has been serious incidents before with the deaths of Supervisors. Failure to comply to this security measure will be seen as an act against the Church.
    6) You are obligated to report misuses of magic and Servants.
    7) The church is neutral territory. The moment they are inside the building, they can no longer be attacked. However, the moment a Master flees inside my church, they will be asked to resign from the Holy Grail War. If they refuse, they will be removed from the premises.
    8) Note that I can offer you advice and healing if you are hurt.

    Good luck to all the Masters. Remember that I am more than happy (not really) to help you all with your problems."

    An hour later, the subordinate comes back and reports his success. "You made sure that it reached all areas of Fuyuki City?" "Yes, sir." Father Vincent breathes a sigh and goes back to playings True Remembrance. Dumb work.

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