Vampire Hunt 2.0


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    Vampire Hunt 2.0

    Post by kaede on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:12 pm

    Because I didn't like how My Servant Battles was turning out, I have decided to make a full blown role playing game using the basics from my Servant Battles. The end result is ,of course, Vampire Hunt!

    Gameplay is very simple, one player will control an all powerful vampire lord, his/her four lesser vassals, and a small army of the dead from Tsukihime. While the other players, ranging from five to ten players, will control a member of a joint task force made up of Mages Association members with one being an Alchemist of Atlus(potion maker), and Executors of the Holy Church, with one person being a member of the Burial Agency. Object of the game is for one side to eliminate the other.

    Things to be added to the game:
    Complete Skills (passive, weapon, spells)
    Weapon creation
    Character creation
    Day/Night phase

    Progress so far:

    I have an open door policy with the game tell me your ideas. I will listen to them(seriously) leave a comment here, on the games google docs page, or talk to me on the irc. I will be resuming work on this 12 hours from now(09:00 PST) and will be in the rulebreaker irc tomorrow. (harvest moon addiction is preventing me from working atm...don't judge.)

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    Re: Vampire Hunt 2.0

    Post by Corenat Rovarnus on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:25 pm

    You spelled Atlas wrong, it reminds me of the game company instead.
    (Try and go solo against a vassal you have little chance of winning and solo against the vampire lord...well it won't be pretty. Teamwork is a must)
    Try not to include these sort of lengthy recommendation/advice type messages in game rules, in this case because it's unfair not to give advice as well to the vampire side that is being played by only one person.
    I would simply say that "teamwork is encouraged" or nothing at all.

    A PvP balance for this game is achieved because the 'good' side is outnumbered in actual units and unit strength under their control, but the 'bad' side is outnumbered in minds and thinking/strategizing power. By attempting to eliminate potential conflicts between the good side's controlling interests that would otherwise naturally erupt you are potentially giving the good side an unfair advantage.

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