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    The gameplay of this game favors those who have previous roleplaying experience. That is because the rules of this game are not as comprehensive as those with marketing value. However it should be fairly easy for new players to jump in just by reading couple game threads and asking couple questions on the forums or IRC channel.

    Stats and Checks
    Rule Breaker system does not have a traditional skill system where you have separate points for leveling set of predetermined skills. Instead during character creation you purchase attributes to your character that complement his background story.

    Rolls are made during a game to determine the success or failure of important actions performed by the player characters or by NPCs interacting with them. Rolls are only needed for actions where the character’s success is uncertain. If the game-master decides a roll is required, the player rolls 1d100 and matches that against the stat being tested. If the roll is equal or lower than the stat the check passess. There are conditions, skills and other modifiers that might make the checks easier or harder.



    Free Roam

    No-Battle Thread


    This whole Argon Coin setting works as a base for developing Rule Breaker 2 — the most awesome roleplaying system ever. New elements will be frequently added to the game that might overwrite or add new rules. All rule changes will be listed on a separate thread. If the changes somehow affect your character you should post about it on the approriate forum section and wait for game-masters response.

    New Elements

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