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    Some background music.

    The self-defensive group created by those who seek to learn thaumaturgy, without concern for nationality or genre for the purpose of controlling, concealing, and developing thaumaturgy.
    As an organization concerned strictly with the concealment and development of thaumaturgy, they are in possession of research bodies for the further development and laws for the prevention of crimes done through thaumaturgy. While their emphasis is on the pursuit of knowledge, the Association also has the military might to protect itself against those organizations that threaten them, be it the Church, other magi conclaves, and otherworldly forces seeking to punish mankind for breaking into areas best left untouched.

    Of course, while there are laws governing the use of thaumaturgy, the Association itself isn't concerned with whatever crimes those under its roof may commit. Instead, their primary concern is the prevention of the public discovering their existence. In other words, as long as the maniac doesn't let out the existence of thaumaturgy by blunder, the Association will not move to punish him. Currently, broken up into three main branches that have gradually drifted apart from each other since the Clock Tower became the headquarters of the Association.

    The darker side of one of the large universal religions, the largest organization in the world, and the greatest enemy of those that have fallen outside of the category of human.
    Those who preach the words of God do not recognize those who go against his teachings. Heretics are not dealt with on the public side of the religion, but there were those fanatics that viciously rejected them.

    The term for the colossal department of these inquisitors is what is called the Sacred Church, an organization made up of the demon exterminating Executors and exist only for the sole function of eradicating all heretics and properly controlling those mysteries that go beyond human understanding. Of course, their greatest enemy are the so-called vampires. On occasion the Church has been known to cooperate with the Association.

    Tatari hits Australia, Sydney. Third of the population dies due to the effects of Night on the Blood Liar. Due to the Church's intrusion further damage is prevented. The accident is reported as an unknown pandemic that has been taken care of. Minimization of information leaks does not work as planned.

    Reports of vampire related incidents explode due to unknown reasons. Mage Association starts to cooperate more actively with The Church to prevent more damage, however their relations still remain distant.

    Church and Mage Association can't come to agreement on how to deal with the increased vampire related activity all around world. Argon Coin is formed at Europe, Germany. A supposedly neutral organization created to handle with the the increased vampire and open use of thaumaturgy cases around the world. While the organization is not common knowledge, anyone proven useful can seek to be employed by them — regardless of their personal history. The employed people are called Contractors and simply take on any jobs that are available. Depending on the difficulty of the job you will get paid on the job they way you wish, no questions asked. There are few rules the Contractors need to abide by, but otherwise they are free to decide on their own how to handle the missions.

    26th December
    The end of Heaven's Feel 6.

    Rumours of the first system (The Dark Six).

    Current time.

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