Pre Holy Grail War


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    Pre Holy Grail War

    Post by Jad on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:31 pm

    "Oh man I wasn't expecting this. Now where the heck am I."

    These were the thoughts pondering Adrian for a while untill he opened his laptop (to help with the translation) and started asking people
    about where he is. Wondering around town he learned that the only way out of there was via airplane or a bus that would take him further
    into the country.

    "Wait this is strange. Why would they have a bus that only comes once every 3 days and to top it off I missed it by 50 minutes."

    Yet another setback in Adrian's journey ... or is it? At the edge of town a lonely merchant was asking for help to carry his goods to another city.
    Once he saw Adrian wondering aimlessly through town he approached him.

    "Merchant: Konnichiwa."
    "Adrian: Mmmm ?! ... Oh, konnichiwa."
    (The conversation went on in japanese)
    "Merchant: By the looks of it you need to be someplace else."
    "Adrian: Huh?! ... how could you tell that?"
    "Merchant: Lets just say I have a trained eye ... so where do you want to go?"
    "Adrian: I don't know really, was thinking of Kyoto but I ended up here ... big misscalculation on my part."
    "Merchant: Haha I guess you are new to the traveling business. Well if you don't mind why not help me carry my store-cart to Fuyuki City."
    "Adrian: Fuyuki City?"
    "Merchant: Yes. I honestly think you will find it to your liking, practically its a two town city connected by a big bridge. One town holds on to tradition while the other aims for technology."
    "Adrian: Hmm sounds interesting ... why not I wanted a fresh start."

    And with that they left toward Fuyuki city. The journey took 2 days and after a couple of misshaps on the way they reached theyr destination.

    "Merchant: Ahh we are here. Thank you for all your help."
    "Adrian: No problem I actually needed this to help me ease my mind."
    "Merchant: Glad to hear it. I'll stay in town just for a couple of days but as a thank you here have this pendant and I guess you would need some work. Go to a friend of mine here I'll show you on the map, tell him
    I sent you, I'm sure he will need a strong hand like yours."
    "Adrian: Aaaa ... thank you, it was not necesary but I don't even know your name."
    "Merchant: True that old fart will think you are just a begger or something. Just tell him bakka shounin sent you."

    After that Adrian went as instructed and got a job that had him do measily task (carry some sacks, clean up the place, etc) that he would finish quite fast so his employer would let him leave work early.
    Besides for just barely 4 hours of work the pay was good. He even found a house he could rent that had everything he needed. So things looked like they started going good for him.

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