Holy Grail War 6: Plot


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    Holy Grail War 6: Plot

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    Heaven's Feel 5
    Saber Destroyed Lesser Grail
    Rin and Shirou are parents of the new Tohsaka heir.

    The story continues after Unlimited Blade Works route.
    Caster has been acquiring powers by sucking life energy out of people in the city. Rider is already defeated by her.
    Archer and Rin goes to defeat Caster, but Archer betrays them in the middle and gets on Caster's side.
    Rin and Shirou goes to Ilya hoping that maybe she can help them fight against Caster, but when they get there, they were being defeated by Gilgamesh.
    With Lancer's aid, Shirou and Rin goes to fight Caster and her master Kuzuki Souichirou on their own.
    Caster is dead protecting her Master and Kuzuki soon goes after her.
    But Archer doesn't stop there and tries to kill Shirou as well. Rin makes a new contract with Saber and fends him off.
    But Shirou knew he is the who has to fight him, because Archer is himself.
    Shirou uses his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works and defeats Gilgamesh. Archer jumps in at the last moment and saves them once again. He disappears with a smile, with a determination that he will keep on fighting.
    The true ending where Rin goes to the Mage's association after her school year ends and Shirou follows her as an apprentice.

    Kotomine Kirei
    He was equally evil in this story as well, and was killed by Lancer.

    Matou Shinji
    After Rider was defeated he goes to Kotomine seeking for help. There he borrows Gilgamesh to rejoin the War. Gets used as the core of the Holy Grail by Gilgamesh. He was able to survive at the end of this story, and became a better brother towards Sakura.

    Characters and their servants:
    • Magnus Einzbern master of Xana [Rider]
    • Adrian Green master of Cephalus [Archer]
    • Katsuro Utsunomiya master of Hassan [Assassin]
    • Father Vincent nicknamed Wei is servantless.
    • Itsuki Kyumei master of Okuninushi [Caster]
    • Shen Matou master of Honda Tadakatsu [Lancer]
    • Sareth master of Joan of Arc Saber [Saber]
    • Kaede Tohsaka master of Cerberus [Berserker]

    Heaven's Feel 6
    Lesser Grail host is another Homunculus Einzbern, named Lisa.

    Day 1: 14th of December 2023
    Matou meets Itsuki, trade phone-numbers.
    Tohsaka and Matou form alliance.
    Itsuki finds Einzberns identity.
    Saber fends off Archer — Adrian Green uses a command spell.

    Day 2: 15th of December
    Assassin meets Itsuki but doesn't kill him.
    Saber drives Caster/Itsuki away from Temple. Itsuki uses a command spell to escape.
    Katsuro and Itsuki form an alliance.
    Einzbern/Rider versus Matou/Lancer. Einzbern escapes by using a command spell.
    Supervisor and Tohsaka meet at Church.
    Matou tells Supervisor about Einzberns civilian companion.
    Tohsaka and Supervisor plot against Matou.
    Supervisor/Matou/Tohsaka battle. No casualties and they form an alliance.

    Day 4: 17th of December
    Rider Xana loses to Berserker. Magnus Einzbern is spared because Tohsaka thinks Einzberns role isn't fulfilled yet.

    Day 5: 18th of December
    Saber is weakened by Archers attacks. Archer manages to escape with no damage.
    Adrians mystic eyes activate. The ability to see through thaumaturgy.
    Later that day Saber encounters Tohsaka and Matou. Sareth uses a command spell to escape.

    Day 6: 19th of December
    Hassan follows Kaede to a meeting with the Supervisor. Later that night Hassan kills the Supervisor.

    Day 7: 20th of December
    Caster get his hands on the Lesser Grail Homunculus, Lisa. She came to the town looking for Magnus.
    Itsuki and Katsuro start developing a way to use the grail to grant both of their wishes.

    Day 8: 21th of December
    Adrian is encountered by Tohsaka and Matou. In battle Lancer kills Adrian while Archer is busy with Berserker. Archer makes a contract with Matou.

    Day 9: 22th of December
    Sareth and Saber are killed by Matou and Tohsaka. Archer is lost in battle.
    During battle Matou is ambushed by Hassan, who fails to kill Matou but manages to use his noble phantasm on Matou.
    Itsuki and Katsuro take over the temple.

    Day 10: 23th of December
    Matou uses Tohsakas siblings as a hostage and makes Tohsaka withdraw from the war.
    Katsuro loses to Inversion Impulse. Breaks off the alliance.

    Day 11: 24th of December
    Matou fails to prevent his death.
    Homunculus starts to form the grail on Ryuudouji cave.

    Day 12: 25th of December
    Itsuki Kyumei has his arm cut by Hassan. Loses his command seals and loses the right to take part in the grail war.
    Caster sustains himself with the prana he has gathered on the temple during the few days.

    Day 13: 26th of December
    Hassan loses in a battle to Caster.
    Caster makes a contract with Katsuro as the last survivors.
    Caster is consumed by the grail when he makes his wish.
    Katsuro wishes to erase his inversion impulse. His wish is granted however he gets tainted by the grail.

    Katsuro becomes the librarian. Gains all knowledge of the war. Every data that servants felt during the war. Grail isn't destroyed. The cave collapses and the grail is buried. Nothing is heard of it afterwards. All due to Lisas last resistance as the Lesser Grail. Katsuro manages to survive, but his new goal is to destroy the grail during the next war.

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