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    Well I'm not trying to make a big spell library, but would be nice if we could cover the basic ones and possibly create some basics on creating the spells. Leave comments etc.

    This Attribute allows a character to heal a target’s injuries through touch. This ability cannot be used during battle. Certain level of concentration and preparing is needed to use this ability. It doesn't work on spiritual beings such as servants.
    No healer can repair someone who was blown to bits, disintegrated, or dead for more than a few minutes, however. The target must have at least a full day’s rest before he or she can benefit from additional healing administered by the same character.

    A similar and dissimilar method of world creation as that of Marble Phantasms. Reality Marbles can force all things to obey their rules. Unlike Marble Phantasms, it is limited to one pattern. As just one aspect is put into form, the user cannot add his own will into the form of the barrier. On the other hand, as it can affect things that are not of nature, it can be said to surpass Marble Phantasms. However, should anything other than extensions of nature (elemental) create an alien world, the world itself will crush that other world. As a result, a tremendous amount of energy is required to maintain it, meaning that one Reality Marble can only function for a few minutes. On the other hand, Nrvnqsr is using his Reality Marble within himself which allows him to avoid adjustment by the world.

    They typically work like single-action spells when used. Also, activation does require the use of Prana. Mystic eyes can be gained by changing one's eyes into a circuit through a process similar to lineage crests and they are also the symbols of first-class magi, due to their concealability and powers.
    If you want to have
    Some mystic eyes that have been mentioned on nasuverse: Charm, Whisper (Suggestion and hypnosis), Jougan (Pure eyes. The ability to see things that normally can't be seen. The ones Kiri had were relatively too weak to be considered proper Jougan; his could see a misty rendition of the thoughts of others, but that was relatively useless), Binding, Compulsion, Contract, Flame, Illusion, Jinx, Enchantment (The eyes that most vampires have).

    The crests runes of northern Europe.

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