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    Health: 45/45
    Prana: 320/320

    Name : Masato (This is a fake name used for the purpose of his mission in fuyuki city)
    Gender : Male
    Age: 23 years old
    Appearance: A young man of height about 5'11'', with dark hair and green eyes. While going out, the character wears normal shirt, usually either white or gray, and black pants. He also carries a backpack most of the time. (If he goes out for the night, or to fight, he wears his equipment). The character also wears a golden chain with a purple gemstone around his neck. He wears casual running shows. He can also wear his cloak during the day, in which case it appears like a regular white cloak.
    Personality: The character is calm and confident. While curious, he does not like to talk too much about himself. He tries to always learn as much as he can while revealing no details about himself. The character feels no remorse in killing but does not enjoy it either. He will do it if necessary. The character will also not abandon his friends if they need help, and as such, will not betray them. He is, however, hesitant in trusting people. He prefers working alone.

    An organization with the freedom of the people as its goal. That is how it started, a little over a thousand years ago, in Europe. A secret organization that would work in the dark, eliminating threat to the safety of the ones in need. At the time, it’s main enemy was the church. An oppressing and controlling church that would eliminate anyone who had differing opinion. Going against such an institution meant great risk, and they started gathering powerful artefacts where they could. As time passed, their goal became more general, simply taking possession of those artefacts so they are not found by people with evil intent. Masato was raised with this purpose in mind: protecting the population. It is against his belief to hurt innocents, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
    From his young age, he was already proficient with the wind element, and showed great capacities of sneaking around. When reaching 16, the age at which he started going on missions, he was given his cloak by the organization, and his cloak by his parents. He quickly became highly efficient at taking out targets from a distance and disappearing in the night. It is only later that he found his dagger.
    He was aged 19, and it was his first important recovery mission. Information was found about a man who possessed a dagger imbued with the power of the wind. That man was a former member of their organization who had deserted them, stealing items in the process. Masato’s mission was to take out this man and return the item. He had two men with him, both of which died. The mission ended in failure as the man was able to run away, and some of the treasures he had stolen were never found. Masato fought against this man again on 2 other occasions, but none of them was able to eliminate the other. One seeking to regain what he once stole, the other seeking revenge for his fallen friend. That man has been Masato’s nemesis since that day.
    Masato lately received another important mission. Rumors say there is a powerful item to be found in Fuyuki city, and it is his job to find him. No doubt that his nemesis also heard of it and will be there to interfere. Before going, Masato looked for as much information as possible. While he was able to find some on the city itself, and the important locations, very few detail about the previous war were found.

    About Alternate form:
    The organization Masato is part of trains its members in both body and mind. Their agility is a crucial part of their ability to kill someone, then escape without being notice. Their mind is also trained so they are perfectly aware of what surrounds them. After many years of training, they are able to enter a state in which their awareness reaches a completely different level, and they are able to obtain senses far above anyone else by concentrating even further. This increase in senses also shows a small bonus in agility, not necessarily because they are more agile, but they can react much faster than usual and notice details they would usually see as insignificant. In this state, they are master at following their targets and not being caught off guards.

    Character Data:
    [05] Companion
    [03] Element: Wind
    [20] Alternate form (See below)
    [11] Secret Power

    Alternate form (60 points)
    [12] Enhanced stat: Wisdom (Level 4)
    [3] Enhanced stat: Agility (Level 1)

    [20] Detection: While in alternate form, the character’s senses are much improved. He gains powerful sensing abilities. He is able to locate someone in a crowd by looking at it, and gains +4 to his awareness check.
    Upon concentration for five minute, he is also able to greatly increase his magical sensing capacities, 60 prana per round. He can tell if a specific person he met in the past is in any area adjacent to his (or in the same). If the person is in an adjacent area, the character can only tell which one it is. If the person is in the same area as the character, he can identify its location. After this ability has been used, the character can track its target (It’s area location if it’s 1 away, the approximate exact location if it’s in the same area. If the target goes more than one area away, it is lost and the alternate form is lost too). If this fails to find the target, the alternate form is lost and cannot be used for 8 hours.

    Note: The first part (Locating someone in a crowd) is passive, the second part is active. The alternate form is lost if: The active ability fails to find the target, the target goes more than 1 area away or the character stops it. In the first two cases, it can’t be used for 8 hours, and if the character stops it himself, 4 hours.

    [00] Cellphone
    [19] Hidden house (See below for information) Area 9
    [14] Base cost for the house
    [05] Prana concealment

    [28.5] Crossbow
    [03] Element : wind
    [00] Ability: Half prana cost for abilities (Given by element: wind)
    [15] Weapon damage
    [10] Piercing bolt: Ignore up to 20 armor
    [10] Ability: x1.5 the piercing power and increase damage modifier by one. (Prana cost: 29)
    Item description: A small crossbow attached to the character's arm. It remain hidden by the

    [18] Cloak
    [22.5] Increased stealth: Increase stealth by 5
    [05] Prana concealment: Hides the presence of the character
    [-3] The increased stealth will not work while in daylight
    Item description: An heritage from his family, this dark cloak seems to be blending with it's
    surroundings. It will appear white in the daylight and have no concealing effect. Prana
    will still be concealed.

    [26] Dagger of wind
    While in alternate form, the power of the character’s dagger is revealed. Its blade takes a green tint and is imbued with the power of the wind. It gains the following abilities
    [01] Weapon 1
    [03] Element: Wind
    [00] Prana cost is cut by half (Due to Element: Wind)
    [34] Wind Shield: The dagger holds the power of the wind. To activate the wind shield ability, the dagger is planted in the ground. Wind, centered on the dagger, goes toward the outside of the area, deflecting ranged attacks and spells aimed at the character (Provides Armor [24]. This also pushes back people (with the exception being the middle square of the area). Characters with strength equal or less than 10 can’t enter the area. Characters with strength higher than 10 can move within the area with difficulty, each movement costing 3 instead of 1. The area is 4, and duration is 10 minutes or until stopped by the character. This ability is only usable once per day. The character can still use ranged attack while within the area (if standing in the middle)
    Points for the abilities:
    10 for the pushing, 24 for the armor
    -3 (usable only once per day)

    Information about the character's house:
    This hidden house, situated in some lost alley of area 9 is hidden underground. It is accessed by a hidden staircase. When entering the house, one is in a corridor. To the left is the bathroom and straight ahead is the main room, with a bed, a desk and a place to store food. Hidden in the back of that room is a switching panel, behind which is found a small room where the character keeps his equipment. Traps can be placed at 3 spots: the door, the entrance of the main room and the switching panel. They are activated by a wire system (if someone walks on the wire, they fire), or by the character.

    Damage modifier: 5 (6 if 1 wis point is gained, then +1 per 3 wis)
    Movement: 3 (becomes 4 with 12 agi, then +1 per 3 agi)
    Range: Wisdom = 9

    Phantom trader cellphone number (RMX)
    Tohsaka's phone number (Corenat)
    Letter from Lisa Einzbern

    There is an evil barrier at the temple that reduce stats by 4 points (on day 2)
    Tracking needle: Isonar
    Sushi has berserker
    cp (Matou Bengoshi)has lancer, Very good anti-mage, not good against physical attacks
    belmont has Caster AND rider:
    Rider's NP: Summon some sort of dragon (suzaku), fireball does 700 damage, range >= 20, area 5
    Caster's spell: 1 line, awareness 15 to defend
    Kaede (Arisoto Hana) has Saber
    Saber's NP: 750 damage in a line effect, 20 lenght, size 4-5 (lutobor)
    Saber NP: Summons a shield that prevents escape


    Marked : Command spell [2]
    Odd feature: Higher body temperature [1]
    Inexperienced master [1]
    Nemesis [6] (see companion 2 section for information)
    Not so thought [4]
    Wanted [3] (Information below)
    Wanted information: In the past, the character has assassinated people. However, those events happening in different places, and his comming to fuyuki city kept secret (as much as possible anyways), the level of ''wantedness'' is low (Hence the [3] only).

    Level [1]
    Name: Meroy
    Stats: Strenght 4, Agility 4, Wisdom 6, Endurance 4, Spirit 12
    Health: 50/50
    Skills: Gather information 9, Interrogation 9, Disguise 9, Forgery 9, Medecine 9.
    Defect: Not so tough [2]

    Background: An ally of Masato, Meroy has been helping him on his question for years, providing the needed information and support.
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    Name: Jack the Ripper / Assassin
    Health: 330/330
    Prana: 600/600

    Jack was an agent trained by The Church specialized on hunting the vampires. However constantly neglecting her duties towards the higher-ups lead her to be exiled from the agency. A lone wolf who continued hunted down the vampires and their familiars. She loved killing, and didn't bother to clean the mess she made during her hunt. This soon turned to rumors about a serial killer. Her wish from the grail is to be united with her family, who were turned The Dead by a vampire who terrorized the area.

    Personality Traits: Rebellious, Messy and Destructive.
    Quirks: Masochist, Hates Sleeping and Names Weapons.
    Likes: Family time, Gardening and Justice.
    Dislikes: Vampires, Teamwork and The Church.

    Presence Concealment A+
    The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. It is a common skill to the Assassin class. It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, your Stealth is exposed when you take offensive actions. Charging spells is count as offensive action. Even when moving at high speeds she is extremely difficult to locate. Any spells less than ten-count can't detect her.
    [22 Awareness] is required to react to against your ranged Stealth attack.
    [14 Awareness] is required to react to against your melee Stealth attack.
    As long as nobody notices you as you go in for the attack it will hit its intended target without anybody having a chance to react to it.

    Medical Knowledge B
    As a student of medicine Jack can give effective first aid to any lifeform in critical condition. She has all the necessary equipment under her clothes. Jack can aim at the most damaging spots on her target without penalties. Due to this reason her default Damage Modifier is raised by two.
    Stealth attacks against servants add +5 Damage Modifiers.
    Stealth attacks against humans add +3 Damage Modifier.

    Innocent Monster B
    The name of the monster that had her past and way of being distorted because of the image that was born from her behaviour in the previous life. She learned some of her skill within The Church, but she can't use these abilities due to this skill.

    Throwing (Needles) C
    Expertise for throwing projectile weapons. It's impossible to Evade or Clash against her needless unless target has at least [Awareness 7]. You can Defend against them normally.

    Battle Abilities
    Servant covering range 4.

    Assassin does not incur penalty from clashes. She can use offensive actions during her next turn after clashing.

    An ability Jack can use due to his presence concealment. If you successfully Evade enemy's melee attack, you can use a free offensive action against that attacker during your next turn. You must be within melee range against your opponent to use this ability.
    +10 to Defense Value when using Evade. If you use Evade succesfully your damage modifier is increased by three for your next attack or clash against the person you evaded. You can have this bonus against multiple persons but it doesn't stack.
    Each time you manage to use a Defensive action without taking damage your Defense Combat value is increased by 4 each time until the end of the fight.

    Swift Movement
    You can move five Areas during one round Game Round.

    Attack Of Opportunity
    You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack, even when it is not your action. Moving out of a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity from the threatening opponent. An attack of opportunity is a single normal melee attack. You don’t have to make an attack of opportunity if you don’t want to. An attack of opportunity interrupts the normal flow of actions in the round.
    If an attack of opportunity is provoked, immediately resolve the attack of opportunity, then continue with the next character’s turn. Or complete the current turn, if the attack of opportunity was provoked in the midst of a character’s turn.

    You should mention this ability when you get within melee range of your opponent. This way they will not move away and do their actions before resolving the Attack Of Opportunity.

    Shadow Walk
    Assassin can move in spaces that the enemy threatens without it triggering Attack Of Opportunity.

    Pain Killer
    After striking an iron needle on her nerve centers the next attack that hits her deals 20% less damage. You can use this ability five times a single fight. You can use this ability action free during your turn. The effect doesn't stack.

    Using different weapons to attack and defend doesn't count as seperate action.
    [Servant Armor 30]

    Dual-Wield Shortblades
    [Melee Weapon: 22] When you attempt to Clash with this weapon your Base Damage is increased by 10. This weapon can be also used to Defend, in which case it has [Armor 20].

    Poison Needles
    [Weapon: 10] [Thrown]
    [Wepon Special] The needles are coated with poison only effective against humans. If you inflict damage with this weapon against humans, the following effect will take place. All stats are reduced by 8 and all skills are reduced by 3. This does not affect the maximum health of the opponent. Target will take 15 poison damage per round. Outside battle he will be unable to regenerate health and will take 40 damage per Game Round. Healing spells can be used to regenerate health normally.
    [Medicine 8] The poison can be treated. As a side-effect to the treatment the target will lose consciousness for 12 hours.
    [Medicine 10] There won't be any side-effects.

    Tracking Needle
    [Weapon: 10] [Thrown]
    [Wepon Special] These needles are used for tracking purposes. If you inflict damage to the opponent with this weapon or if the enemy Defends against this weapon, the following effect will take place.
    Even if the needle is later removed, Jack leaves a special string attached to the target which only Jack can see. The string is attached either directly to the target or to the defensive equipment which was used to Defend. As long as the enemy doesn't become aware of the concealed string and remove it, you can follow that string to the target which it was attached to. [21 Awareness] is needed to notice the string.

    Normal Needles
    [Weapon: 15] [Thrown]
    Normal iron needles used for basic attacks.

    Hidden Gun
    [Archery Weapon: 20] [Range 17]
    When used for first time add +15 to Attack Value and the attack can't be clashed. This bonus doesn't apply when used against same target the second time or if the target is aware of this weapon.

    Hidden Blade 1
    [Melee Weapon: 18]
    A blade hidden on her sleeve. When used for first time add +15 to Attack Value and the attack can't be clashed. This bonus doesn't apply when used against same target the second time or if the target is aware of this weapon.

    Hidden Blade 2
    [Melee Weapon: 18]
    A blade hidden on her boots. When used for first time add +15 to Attack Value and the attack can't be clashed. This bonus doesn't apply when used against same target the second time or if the target is aware of this weapon.

    Noble Phantasm
    Witching Time of Night [Eldest Night and Chaos] B
    [Anti-Army] [Targets ???] [Area 15] [Incantation 6] [Prana: 180 Activation / 20 Upkeep]
    Eracing the face of the human race.
    For when you wish death would pick up the pace.
    The evil arms become the guns of grace.
    The facts are this: the reaper's kiss.
    Was this the way I met my fate.
    These London streets are full of hate.
    Witching Time of Night! [Marble is Summoned]

    It's a Reality Marble that creates nothing but darkness within [Area 15] from the caster. The darkness can't be illuminated with any light source. It nullies enemy's sense of prana, sight, sound, and scent. Jacks senses remain normal. Only Servants with greatest Instict can operate under these circumstances. If the enemy was to use an ability that affects himself or the whole [Area 15], they work normally. If the enemy uses abilities to affect his ally, the following percentiles are used, expect in case of command seal.
    [Awareness 21+] Each action against Jack has 62% chance to miss.
    [Awareness 20-12] Each action against Jack has 78% chance to miss.
    [Awareness 11-] Each action against Jack has 92% chance to miss.

    You react normally to all actions that work against Jack. You can't use movement points while on this area. Jack can strike his opponent without moving. The opponent has a chance to hit Jack without moving as well. All Jacks attacks are count as Stealth Attacks when counting damage.

    Command seals can be used to increase the chance of hitting Jack in the marble. Chance of escaping from the barrier with a command seal is 33%.
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