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    Rule Summary

    Post by Lucid on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:44 am

    I'm assuming people might have forgotten quite a few things during this hiatus, so this thread will contain some quick references and links to get you started.
    Wiki - main source of information
    The Map - keeping this on bookmarks should help a lot
    Rule Changes - changes to the current rules, not found on wiki
    IRC — #rulebreaker @ - usually a quick way to contact me, ping my nickname

    Posting Movements
    [Username] Day [Area X]:
    [Username] Night [Area X]:
    Example — Lucid Morning [Area 10]: Go to the station. Look around for anyone suspicious. [Awareness 2]
    You can name few other things to do but concentrating on one or two things has a better chance to succeed. There are no longer movement restrictions.

    Character Creation
    Nothing too important to mention about this. Just read through your character sheet and recap things you forgot. Stats, skills, perks and defects - things like that.

    Everybody has some experience with events on this game. Read through the combat section before making posts on your own battles if unsure. Here's few important things and some examples.

    Combat Flowchart
    Defending isn't part of your turn. If enemy attacks you with more than one attack your defensive actions can be resolved before your turn.
    • Your turn starts.
    • Move.
    • Take an action.
    • Move if you haven't yet.
    • Your turn ends.

    You can move only once during your turn either before or after taking actions. Movement depends on your Agility.
    Combat Values show how accurately you hit and Damage Modifiers how hard you hit. Most them should be already count on your character sheets but they can change according to different attack types and buffs. Damage is calculated [Base Damage x Damage Multiplier].
    Armor can reduce damage. For example if character is wearing a jacket with Armour Rating of 6, that means 6 damage is reduced on every attack that hits the character.
    Actions you can do — Attacking, Handling Items, Activating Something (Spell, Ability or Item) and Charging Abilities or Spells. Amount of actions you can take depends on your character.

    Remember the servant covering rule. Defending options you have are:
    • Evade - Try to eliminate the damage as whole through your Defence Combat Value.
    • Clash - Try to overpower your opponent with an attack or spell. Remember to check the table what attacks can clash against which attacks. After every clash you deal 10% less damage on consecutive clashes. The penalty is cumulative.
    • Defend - Use defensive equipment to reduce the damage.

    Maps - they can get quite messy. When battle starts game-master makes a map of the situation and players edit it according to their movements. You're not required to write anything on it. You're not required to mark your movement path unless on very unclear situations. You're not required to mark the area of your attacks, just the spot where it lands.

    Marking the combat values and such is up to your preference. You can put them in spoilers or leave them in open. Long skill descriptions should be put on spoilers though.
    Lucid madly rushes at Cookie Monster and strikes with his axe. Attack Value 20+d20. Damage 150.
    Remember to roll dices if needed. It's an option you can choose when posting.

    Cookie Monster uses his Frying Pan to Defend against Lucids attack. Armour Rating 333.
    Lucid reacts to the GaeBolg targeting his master and attempts to deflect it.
    Evade is used. Defense value is 12+d20.

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