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    Rule Changes

    Post by Lucid on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:25 am

    This topic has the rule changes that over-ride any rules on the current wiki. I know it'll get confusing but bear with me. These rules are meant to make the game finish faster.

    Bad End
    Night round of day 12 is the dead-line. What happens then? You might not make it out alive to tell the tale.

    Day and Night
    Only two movement rounds per day: Day and Night. To compensate for this you will be able to travel to any location on the map, if you are in health to do so. For example if you have crippled limbs you have to have alternate means of travel to use this rule - for example have a servant carry you. The no perks outside character points rule still applies, you can't steal cars or anything of the sort. Each round spans for 12 hours but the concept of time can be little abstract when planning events.
    You can do multiple things during the 12 hours, but concentrating on few has a better chance of succeeding.
    [Username] Day [Area X]:
    [Username] Night [Area X]:

    Servant Sensing Ranges
    You probably remember this from the previous game. If given by the option by game-master servant and any characters he is moving with can move to a nearby area during a movement round to have an event. This is especially boosted during night. Technical servant classes have edge over knight classes.

    Deadly Events
    Other players aren't the only thing that can kill you now...

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