Management of Minions


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    Management of Minions

    Post by Belmont on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:28 am

    I would like to ask everyone to submit their ideas about how the Vampire side would manage their minions in an easy and intuitive way because managing all the weak minions one by one is going to consume a lot of time.


    The only idea I have been able to think of is to assign Minions to Groups. These Groups can be as big as you want and you can have as many Groups as you want.

    Example: You have 150 weak minions and 2 Vampires. Since the Vampires are a lot more powerful you could control them individually or attach them to a Group.
    Group A will consist of 50 weak Minions.
    Group B will consist of 100 weak Minions and 1 Vampire.

    The Vampire side then can send one of the Groups to a certain area and let them go crazy or consolidate the Groups into a single, more powerful one. The remaining Vampire can act alone for other purposes.

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    Re: Management of Minions

    Post by Lucid on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:05 am

    In minion management there are two important things to think. The map management and battle management. Like you said in battle above group thingie could be used. Maybe even on the map management.

    One idea I had on the map management was corruption levels. Map is divided to parts like in this game. Each part can be corrupted by vampires depending on their actions. Turn people minions, which will infect more people unless it's taken care of. I just wonder if this kind of map control theme can be made interesting rather than some tedious task. I guess Vampires could move corruption from one section to another, as in they are commanding their minions. Then depending if Church team encounters vampires on some section, vampires would have minions depending on the corruption level of the section. Maybe new ones could even enter during the battle.

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