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    Shounen: First day

    Post by Meroy on Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:21 am

    They had found a place for the duration of the war. As promised by their organisation, a fully equipped hideout. Certainly, it was not a luxurious mansion, but it did a much for efficient job. They would not be found there, as long as they were careful. Such a place, however, was hardly fit for three people.

    This house, if it could even be called that, would serve as their headquarters during the war. It would be the only place where they would meet. Outside, the two men were strangers to one another. The girl with them did not pose much of a problem, as she could stay in spirit form. It was decided she would do so whenever they were not talking, as to save up place.
    They figured each other’s role. Gathering information was essential. It was decided that for this first day of the war, April 14th. Meroy was to go see the supervisor. While they knew information about the city, important locations and important people, their knowledge of the grail war was limited to what Assassin told them. Since she did not seem like one to talk much, they referred them to the man at the churched. As Meroy went there, Assassin followed him, guarding him and possibly already ambushing people already. No such thing happened, and everything went smoothly.

    Following this peaceful day was a peaceful night. Nobody would have guessed a war had started in this city. Assassin wandered around, in hopes of catching a lonely master. She eventually found her way to the temple at the extremity of the city, but not much was happening there. There was someone, but it was too early to risk an attack, and not enough information was obtained yet. This would probably be someone to watch for.

    And she left, thinking about coming back again later. Should she have known what would happen in the next days, maybe her actions would have been different that night.

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