Suggestions for the Next Game


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    Suggestions for the Next Game

    Post by Father Vincent on Sun May 29, 2011 10:12 am

    1) Lower numbers. This will emphasize more tactics as opposed to taking your bigger missle and shoving it the ass up someone who has a smaller missile.

    2) More realistic/deeper combat system. I think I wrote about it already, so not going to repeat here. I still think Rall's approach to the battles were better. I also think movement is being over-looked in the battles. Maybe make movement able to dodge both ranged and melee attacks. Add movement flag/points as an associated cost.

    3) Less stats. If anything, the whole "Skills" table needs to go away.

    4) More solid and maintainable defects with strict observations and punishments that go against your defects. At least for me, there were times I forgot I even had a defect to take care of.

    5) Better balance. There are some iffy things, but nothing major. Could still be looked at with an additional person.

    6) Better round system. While I feel a map makes battles pretty fun, a map for moving around the city limits the amount of events one can go through. One might say that increases the depth of the game, but that's in exchange of the boredom of people who get no events for weeks on end. Events and people who can participate in it should be under the GM's discretion, if this happens.

    I didn't really look through all the IRC logs, but I am completely against an entirely new combat system. What we have is actaully pretty good, with a few things going wrong here and there. It has the potential to be deep and fun, but we would just have to iron out a few kinks here and there. The proposed battle system seems silly because it's like a Sengoku Rance game where, again, numbers determine the victor. In my opinion, movement shouuld not be limited during battles like that. A lot of depth and choices exist around movement, and to limit it would be switching from one shallow battle system to another.

    Another thing is damage caps. I don't know why we would needs this if the numbers were just fair to begin with. There's nothing that really strikes me as imbalanced about this, but it seems like a lot of work for nothing. Just make the numbers smaller.

    But really, I think the game will be balanced if we keep the old battle system with a few changes. I can see so many things going wrong with the one that is being proposed. Instead of making the game even simpler and argueably more boring for balance changes, we should expand on what we have. If Grim really is just worried about the work, just find another GM. I'm sure Rall would be up for it if you asked him. If not, maybe someone in Corenat's forum would be happy to.

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