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    Shounen: A troubled night

    Post by Meroy on Thu May 12, 2011 8:22 pm

    It was now the eleventh. One week before the start of the war.

    As trained as they were, the two men still found it difficult to sleep after what happened. Yes they expected trouble, but they did not expect to be ambushed so far from the city, and by so many people. What more, the appearance of the girl was puzzling.

    After she had defeated the enemies, she looked at the man still standing. It was the first time he had faced someone this powerful, but he did not feel any hostility. With no time to waste, he asked her if she was an enemy. She looked surprise at the question, and answered she was not. The question she asked after she replied was never heard by anyone, as the man was already beside his companion. It was only later that she had a chance to explain.

    She said she was an Assassin. Something about being a servant, too. Not only that, she was also able to heal people. Upon noticing her master was more troubled about his companion that what she had to say, she gave him first aid. Well at that point, it was somewhat better than typical first aid, it was turning what would have been a fatal wound into almost nothing.

    She had given basic details about the Holy Grail war, said there was a supervisor in charge that should be able to give them all the details. Meroy would go see him when the time came. For now, they had to find a place to occupy during the war. They were going to that city anyway, and everything was planned. They would use their regular shelter.

    So he stayed there, lying on his back. Assassin was guarding both of them for the night. One unable to sleep due to his incapacity to accept the strange situation they were into, the other already asleep, haunted again by dreams of his past.

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