Community Crucis Nostalgia


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    Community Crucis Nostalgia

    Post by Lucid on Sat May 07, 2011 11:54 am

    Just dig up any old threads, pictures, comments, videos or anything related to Community Crucis and post them here.

    My First Topic

    Vampire Hunt 1

    Fate/Moon Wars
    Fate themed strategy game. We balanced this with windless quite a while, but managing the players actions was too much of a hassle. Maybe I could pick this up as a side project.

    RIP Rallasner
    What is this I don't even.

    Rise to Power

    Servant Battles 1
    I kinda wanna run one of these again at here. We could use the old rules I guess. Would somebody want to game-master these? I wanna take part in one.

    Umineko Character Test

    Community Crucis Character Test o.o

    Ievan Polka

    Old Quote Thread

    There is no Tsukihime anime

    Community Floor Plans

    Character Profiles
    These were used for my writing project. I have the general plot-line generated if somebody wants to take a look. Too bad I don't have any interest to write it currently.


    New Quote Thread

    Code Breakers
    Some old puzzles I made. You can try solving them if you forgot the answers.

    The Last Drink

    And New Beginning

    EDIT #1
    Found another old writing project.

    Comical Crucis Comics

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    Re: Community Crucis Nostalgia

    Post by Lucid on Sat May 07, 2011 12:02 pm

    Found the Moon Records writing project notes. Here you go. Sorry it's kinda messy. Didn't bother with rewriting it. Not sure if I had a newer versions since I moved all my old writing files to HD and too lazy to find them. Found some pics and a video too.

    Character Sprites

    Not Finished Opening Video ?hazzyqjmnmh

    Eric (GaeBolg) [VIEW 1]
    Komidol (Gilgamesh) [Dragon DNA]
    Jad (Jad)
    Amasero (Oresama)
    Animi (Animus) Zoroaster
    Tempus (Wurf) [Dragon DNA]
    Grimwind (Lucid) Blade-Maiden [Dragon DNA]
    Luna (CrimsonMoonMist)

    Adam Balesture (Xenovent) [VIEW 2]
    Hideaki Akane (Emiya-chan)
    Curry (Kurii)
    Ventus (Windless)

    Blade-Maiden (Lucid) Grimwind
    Silmeria (Silmeria-Rider) [VIEW 3?]
    Sushi (Ssuusshhii)

    Animi (Animus) Zoroaster
    Sango (Jusango-kun)
    Xellos (Xinate) [Dragon DNA]

    Luna (CrimsonMoonMist) [Guardian]
    Ritter (Rallasner) [Dragon DNA]

    The CONTROL ROOM is a dimension that can control all other dimensions in existence. VENTUS is the person who has been watching over all of those dimensions, including EARTH.
    Don't have a backstory to explain how the CONTROL ROOM became to exist. I guess you could say the person who controls it a god.

    Along with the CONTROL ROOM there are few beings called DRAGONS who can travel between dimensions - also create and destroy dimensions. EARTH is the dimension with most humans currently and it possesses a defense mechanism due to which it cannot be destroyed - at least yet.

    Xellos is the main antagonist. A DRAGON who is seeking to overtake the CONTROL ROOM. Maybe set his goal to destroy all dimensions?
    It's really hard to kill a DRAGON completely because they have various magical powers and can travel between dimensions. Xellos managed to critically wound GILGAMESH and his friend DRAGON, but they managed to escape to EARTH. Gilgamesh was reborn with most of his memories intact. However something went wrong with his friends transformation and he was reborn as two people: Grimwind and Tempus. They retained none of their original memories, but they still exist somewhere in there.
    Ritter is another DRAGON just trying to manage. Maybe have some sort of conflict between him and COMMUNITY CRUCIS?
    In the backstory there will be also other nameless DRAGONS who either went missing or were killed.

    Community Crucis is a team of mercenaries found by Gilgamesh, Tempus and Grimwind. Gilgamesh was just trying to keep low profile and take care of his reborn friend. Tempus and Grimwind believe that they are human orphans. Eventually the group starts to grow when more people join and with Gilgameshes abilities to create contacts CC becomes well known in the underworld. Their motto is not to kill people while on job so they don't take care of assassinations or anything like that.

    However at some point Gilgamesh, Tempus and Grimwind decide to leave into other dimensions. So Community Crucis stops working and other members go their own ways.
    Still not sure of what motivation to have for them.
    A problem occurs on their trip and they all are seperated.

    (TEAM 1)
    Gilgamesh with his new form Komidol returns to EARTH after few years and reforms the Community Crucis as Moon Records. Eric, Jad and Amasero join him in his cause to find Grimwind and Tempus.
    Maybe have Komidol have some ulterior motive?

    It is possible for humans to travel between dimensions if they manage to get hold of DRAGONs bodily parts or fluids. A person must use something like that as an ingredient in a ritual to open gates to travel between dimensions.
    However since humans aren't meant to travel that way, they will have to give something in exchange. Like giving up their lifespan or some of their sense starts to wear down. The effects aren't as bad if you wait for a long time before initiatin another dimension ritual.
    Humans can only travel to random dimensions. But once they have been into another dimension they can enter that place again if their memory hasn't been wiped.

    Xellos offers the information about dimension travelling and the control room to many organizations in earth. He hopes that more people using dimension travelling will eventually weaken the defenses of the control room and he will be able to enter there.

    Church is trying to take over the control room as well after hearing about it.
    Either make them the basic good guys trying to protect it from wrong people. Or have some character plotting in the shadows in attempt to re-create the whole universe with the control room.

    (TEAM 2)
    The church team Adam, Hideaki and Curry. They are sent to investigate the location of the control room with rather vague info. They haven't been told what the mysterious liquid (Dragon Blood) is that allows them to use the travelling magic. Also they haven't told about the side-effects on the person using the magic (Adam).
    Maybe have him first lose his color sight while keeping it a secret. And after that have him have seizures and such that restrict his movement.

    When ADAM uses the travelling magic first time VENTUS drops from the portal. VENTUS has erased his memory and tries to interact with humans for the first time in his life. He wants to see if they are capable of taking care of their own life from now own.
    VENTUS has been watching over all dimensions since the beginning of time, unable to leave the space. Maybe have some poetry dreamy like scenes for him? Increased dimension travelling has made it possible for Ventus to escape the control room and move to a space that connects random portals. Adam happens to be the one to open one of those portals and make Ventus appear.
    At some point have VENTUS reveal his real identetity and have him change shape from his kid form to adult one. Maybe during some conflict where the Church team is in danger?

    (TEAM 3)
    Southern Cross consists originally only of Grimwind who continues to travel between dimensions in search of Tempus. Grimwind is really dependant of Tempus and has a need to always be near her.
    The event that happened when Gil, Grim and Temp got seperated should be partially due to Gilgamesh, so that Grimwind can blame him on it. Grimwind reforms as Blade-Maiden after that event and wants revenge against Gilgamesh/Komidol.

    Tempus is trapped in a space near the control room in a sleep state. She won't be appearing in the story much until the end.
    Grimwind possesses only half of his original Dragon powers so he also suffers damage from dimension travelling. He loses his feelings, as in unable to handle his feelings and he becomes unable to like people and kinda blank. Speaks less and his grudge grows more.
    Silmeria and Sushi join his travels from other dimensions.

    (TEAM 4)
    Librarians is an ancient organization on Earth who does lots of shady business and such. Another mercenary group I guess who sells questionable stuff to highest bidders etc.
    Animi joins Librarians after Community Crucis stops working.
    Xellos is part of it as well but just mostly because Librarians have a good information network. He doesn't really help their cause and makes trouble sometimes.

    THE MAIN CHARACTERS - The story is viewed from these characters.
    Eric (GaeBolg)
    From a rich family and kinda spoiled. Wants to live differently and happens to come across Gilgamesh and joins CC. With effort and Gils teachings becomes a close combat specialist.
    After CC stops he starts a bar. Komidol recruits him back to Moon Records.
    Maybe have Eric and Grimwind have some kinda of special promise or bond? Like a spell agreed by both that gives Grimwind the right to give Eric one command he must obey. I was thinking making Eric betray Komidol at some point and join Southern Cross for a while. Then go back to Moon Records.
    Origin Earth.

    Adam Balesture (Xenovent)
    Grew in the Church environment and rarely goes outside. Well versed in magical arts. Doesn't really have deep human bonds expect to his spiritual father who saved him.
    Dunno from what.
    Starts to bond with his team as they travel. Maybe have some general pondering about human relationships in his story?
    Origin Earth.
    Personality bio in another file.

    Silmeria (Silmeria-Rider)
    Silmeria is worshipped as a holy spirit or something like that in another dimension in a random village.
    Maybe have her have some special ability that reflects that status?
    She lives in cage and can only dream of going outside. Grimwind (his feelings are numb by then) who happens to come by that village slaughters the villagers who attack him. Some try to escape with Silmeria but they get killed as well, Silmeria lives.
    Have some covered in blood demon savior scene. Silmeria starts to follow Blade-Maiden who doesn't even knowledge her existence. She wants to repay the depth from saving her and grows some <3 feelings for Blade-Maiden.
    She has tough time surviving when following Blade-Maiden but she manages. After few months BM finally speaks to her.

    Ventus (Windless)
    Already covered. Only have his view occasionally. Much less parts than with the above three.

    Reborn DRAGON with most of his old memories.
    Need to think some motive for him to search the control room. Maybe lost a loved one to Xellos? Wants to revive her or take revenge against Xellos.
    Personality bio in another file.

    Jad (Jad)
    The technician expect in CC team. Led originally happy family live but her wife was in a car accident and their child died. Wife couldn't live with the guilt, divorced and dissappeared.
    Jad joins the CC team after meeting Eric in a pub. Usually gloomy and silent but not antisocial.

    Amasero (Oresama)
    The happy go around of CC team. Story and personality bio in another file.

    Animi (Animus) Zoroaster
    After almost killing some thugs in the street Gilgamesh speaks him into joining CC.
    Too cliche? Some other way is fine as well.
    After CC closes he joins the librarians. His partner there is Sango and they are kinda close. He isn't interested on joining Moon Records and is willing to oppose them if needed.
    Story and personality bio in another file.

    Tempus (Wurf)
    Other half of the reborn dragon with Grimwind. Make her the good big sister character? Well liked in CC. Grimwind is always jealous to others who Tempus shows some affection.
    Maybe make her have a crush on Gilgamesh and have that lead into some conflict in the dimension travelling trip leading to them all getting seperated?

    Luna (CrimsonMoonMist)
    An automatic defense mechanism created by the control room. Is activated by dimension travelling. She searches people who travel between dimensions and eliminates them. Her powers change dramatically between different dimensions.
    Maybe have her be part of the conflict that led to Gil, Grim and Tempus to get seperated?

    She conforts the Moon Records at some point. They beat her but Jad insists on not killing her. Jad treats her and keeps carrying her around. Komidol doesn't like that at all.

    Hideaki Akane (Emiya-chan)
    Similar to Eric. Genius prodigy who shouldered a lot of expectations but decided to move away after becoming full age and started working for the church. Laid back but excellent team leader.
    Story and personality bio in another file.

    Curry (Kurii)
    Maybe have her have some sort of revenge motive in dimension travelling? He was framed of killing her family. Protects team-mates and such. When drunk is the opposite of her personality.
    Story and personality bio in another file.

    Sango (Jusango-kun)
    Animis partner in the Librarians. They take care of each other and such. Was taken from an orphanage and trained to meet the needs of the Librarians.
    Maybe have her escape with Animi from the Librarians at some point?

    Ritter (Rallasner)
    The chaotic Dragon. Travels between dimensions and destroys them when possible. Doesn't really have a reason for it.

    Sushi (Ssuusshhii)
    Monster inhabitant of some dimension. Blade-Maiden beats him near death and Sushi starts following BM. Somewhere before Silmeria joins and BM has lost only half of his feelings.

    Just some scene ides that would be good.

    -Luna tries to kill Jad.
    Luna tries to kill Jad in multiple occasions during the trip but they always tame her down. Jad keeps treating Luna and keeping her around. Eventually she starts to show some human emotions? Even protect the Moon Records team.

    -Tragic end of Grimwind and Tempus. Blade-Maiden finally reunited Tempus but BM is critically wounded and they both meet their doom in some sort of dimension collapse? Somewhere at the end of the story. Southern Cross and Moon Records unite their teams against the greater enemy.

    -Ritter versus Moon Records. They meet in the same dimension and MR needs to beat Ritter to survive.

    -Xellos versus the Church. Xellos overpowers them but VENTUS saves them while attaining his original memories. Leaves the team without saying a word.

    -Ventus adult meets reformed Luna. Ventus thinks more positively about humans after reading Lunas memories.

    -Bonfire talking scenes. When the characters aren't exploring but relaxing and talking with each other. Some are serious and some more comic relief material.

    So many broken characters >.> Maybe have a more fortunate childhood for some of them? Or maybe leave their childhoods in mystery but have their broken adult characters.
    Need to think the adventures they have while travelling. The story should be pretty easy to expand with this plot.

    I wonder if my brains have been damaged with too much shounen crap...

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    Re: Community Crucis Nostalgia

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    Re: Community Crucis Nostalgia

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    sooo any chance we can do something with these ideas ? Smile

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