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    Shounen: Ambush

    Post by Meroy on Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:09 pm

    It was the tenth of April. The sun had already disappeared, and they could see the city. They found a forest near the city; they would spend the night here.

    The prepared the camp as they discussed what they would do tomorrow. First thing that should be done is find a hideout of some sort. Finding a place with quick access to the most important places of the city, yet not too crowded. They already had locations given to them that they would check first, but there always was the possibility of that place not being safe anymore.

    Once that was done, they could start joining the city life. As for now, they talked to as few people as possible. Their location and goals had to remain secret.
    Meroy brought a point to his younger friend:

    “I’ve had a feeling for a while that we should be careful. Nothing pressing, but something might happen tonight. I figured we should be careful.”

    But careful wasn’t exactly enough against 7 people ambushing them. They had prepared a trap, and took out two of their attackers. There was not much hope for the two of them to come out alive. After all, only one of them was trained to fight. Alone, he would have been fine, but he could not protect himself and his friend. One was struck, and fell to the ground. The other one, seeing his companion falling, channelled magical energy, ready to use his most powerful weapon.

    However, that was not necessary. A girl, seemingly coming out of nowhere, killed one of the attackers. In fact, she killed the 5 who were still standing in the following seconds. It seemed completely natural for her to do so, and perfectly easy. She had no trouble killing 5 trained men down, and she even made it seem like something fun to do.

    The man took a defensive stance and prepared. No matter if this girl was an enemy or not, he had to hurry and help his companion.

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