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    A tall person enters the classroom in which several young boys and girls are sitting, waiting for him. This would mark the first time he would be teaching his very own students, with his own methods and procedures.

    "Hello everyone," says the man as he presents himself. "My name is Gabriel and I will be your teacher from today on."

    He did not expect it but everyone in this small classroom seemed to be happy that he was their teacher, even if he was not a great magus like most of his colleagues. However, he quickly remembered that this was nothing more than an experiment. His students, just like himself, were branded as failures because they lack the capability to use Thaumaturgy properly but he was able to overcome his weakness by his own efforts, something that has been only recorded a total of five times since this institution was founded. The council decided to make him a teacher in order to verify if his methods are able to help people who are unable to use Thaumaturgy properly even though they possess the potential.

    "There are many ways to explain what Thaumaturgy is and how it works but we will focus on only one. You have probably already learned about espers, people who possess two perceptions of reality which allows them to use abilities. It is very hard to become an esper as it requires that one is born with this extra perception but artificially certain psychic powers can be achieved such as artificial Mystic Eyes," Gabriel pauses his explanation as he looks at his students. "Understanding the concept of espers is vital in order to perform Thaumaturgy. We, unlike espers, do not possess two "realities" but we can instead project our own "reality" on the world to perform Thaumaturgy," continues explaining Gabriel. "Everyone possesses his own "reality" that conflicts with the world, this as I call it is a "personal reality" and it is what allows us to use Thaumaturgy."

    He looks around the class and sees the confusion in his students faces. It was to be expected because they had learned Thaumaturgy in a completely different manner.

    "Let me give you an example of what I mean by projecting a "personal reality" on the world," says Gabriel as he stands up and raises his left hand. "Of the five elements; the first. Fire is in my hand. Its shape is a flame and it's purpose is to burn," as he finishes his spell a flame appears in his hand. "This might seem like a typical spell but it uses a completely different concept as I am projecting my own will, my own "reality" onto the world and not using a spell any magus could use with enough training. This form of Thaumaturgy is unique to myself and everyone would have his own unique form of Thaumaturgy too, based on his "personal reality"."

    He sits down again and continues with his explanation.

    "Even though everyone possesses his own "personal reality" it is not easy to project it on the world. Our lessons will focus on projecting your "personal reality" on the world rather than training you in the use of Thaumaturgy."

    A dream is a dream and every dream has an end. Is he longing to continue this dream?

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