Shounen: A calm day part 2



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    Shounen: A calm day part 2

    Post by Meroy on Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:29 am

    How long did it feel sitting there? It seemed to last an instant only. He never noticed that hour go by, until his companion made him realize they had to start moving again eventually.

    ‘’Lost in thought?’’ he asked?

    The man was not looking at him, still partially lost in his thought. It took some time for him to reply.

    ‘’I was simply thinking about our course of action here. That reminded me the reasons that brought us here. It is all connected directly to the events of the past four years. I wish we can finally get it over with. Once this is done, we can finally move on and remove the only thing we left unfinished. I could never bring myself to work in a team again after that.’’

    ‘’But everything else you attempted went well, did it not? You’ve been perfectly efficient in all tasks that were given to you, were you not?’’

    ‘’You make it sound like I’ve never made any mistakes. Many lives I could have saved or sparred were lost because of me’’

    He remained silent after that. Maybe a feeling of guilt, maybe there was nothing else to add. It had been a long time, probably two years, since his actions caused unnecessary death. He wanted to avoid that if possible for the future. For now, he just kept walking, holding the gemstone he kept around his neck in his hand.

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