Tohsaka: Waiting for one's arrival

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    Tohsaka: Waiting for one's arrival

    Post by Corenat Rovarnus on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:38 am

    4:00AM Tohsaka Residence, Day 3
    A windowless room seemingly bordered by stone with a secret glint. He strode amidst a sea of shimmering machinery, with the pride that comes of creating a great construct on solitary willpower. All was running in perfect synchronicity.
    I simply am incapable of stopping my exultant mocking. Those that are hateful shall continue to dislike. Perhaps I should recite that milkshake song to especially irritate. Or purchase a fine equine bloodline and boast of it to others. Or-
    A voice synthesizer called out from a 3.5 inch subwoofer mounted on an overhead fixture.
    “It is now 0400 local time, RDT -1. Alarm is armed but has not reported.”
    Time well spent. I knew it was a good idea to retire at 3 the other day. Awwww yeah.
    He magnified a list of memos on a 21” screen, pondered for a minute, then went upstairs to take coffee and chemical stimulants.

    8:00AM Shopping District, Miyama
    [TOHSAKA]'s figure strode through the early morning market streets, heading towards the downtown section, which was built to a more urban beat than the surrounding neighborhoods. The sky was red and gold from the rising sun, almost as if season did not matter in the modest coastal town. He turned a corner onto a red concrete walk, and sauntered through the dusty door of a niche electronics franchise that he favored. The door sensor chimed as it closed behind him. The typical cool breeze of the metallic air cooler unit met his face as he entered the quiet, plastic atmosphere of the store, almost unnoticeable at this time since the cool morning air was almost equalized with it. Only a few customers were aimlessly browsing the rows of demonstration models, as business was slow here during the non peak hours before noon. A circular help desk formation was situated in the center, and upon [TOHSAKA]'s entrance one of the employees got up and came over, a friend of his named Dyle. The others noticed and also recognized [TOHSAKA]. As low level menial workers that had a long shift together for the majority of the day, they had developed a sense of camaraderie with each other and regular customers.
    “Hey, he's back.” “Yeah, that guy.” Dyle gave his own personal greeting.
    “Oi, my man! It's pretty early to be roaming around. Come back to talk shop with us again, now that you've boned up on your basics?”
    No, I'm just here to pick up some major hardware for a pet project. I don't have the time to try to one up you guys these days, between studying and trying to make a living.
    “Studying? Don't you have a degree already?”
    Yeah, fat lot of good it's done me. I aim to get into your business...I forget what the field is...whatever you boys call it, then I can move up to the big leagues.
    One of the help desk crew came back from talking with another patron, and offered the answer. “Information Technology Operations? Electronic Espionage? Family Tech Support Guy? That stuff?” [TOHSAKA] waved his hand to dismiss the issue.
    [sigh], you really don't have to announce it to the world like that. Anyway, do you have the stuff I need?
    “Yeah, everything’s in stock but...seriously....I'm starting to wonder what you do in your spare time. “
    Spare time? I thought I said-
    ”Like, what did you need those huge wide screen plasma diode monitors for a while back? Does the higher native resolution really resolve the pixels in mosaic vi-”
    [TOHSAKA] coughed in an odd way. Some of the guys at the desk snickered.
    Hey. No you. Let me explain. You don't understand, I'm actually an extreme paranoiac with resources.
    “Ohh boy.” They laid back in swivel chairs, listening.
    See, all of this stuff fits together to form, sort of a counterintelligence system, cyberpolice. That way I know if somebody's stalking me or aliens, I mean some foreign government is backtracing me remotely. You never know, maybe my parents started some international fiasco a while back and the guys up top never got over it. I have a chromium injection molded foil hat, you know, it's way more effective than a regular tinfoil. I'm just trying to keep safe and sound, and an eye out for trouble. Like a boss.
    “Cool Story, bro. Would you like fries with that?”
    I was being sarcastic because you honestly wouldn't understand, you dumb goofs. "The consequences would never be the same", as a wise man once said.
    “Dude, it really doesn't matter to us what you do.” “Let's just get down to business.”
    “Here's your gear, have a nice day.” “Now go out there and be a man.” “Fight the Huns.” “Daughters not sons.”
    “Looks like you'll never get your chance at a rematch with us”, Dyle remarked wistfully, “So the odd protocol versions just don't work practically. You can't explain that.
    [TOHSAKA] snorted and lightheartedly replied.
    Hrmph. I have more important things to do, but you can bet that as soon as I find the time, I'll be back to take you up on your challenge. Then all of your base will belong to us.
    “Challenge?”, one of the cashiers asked rhetorically. Most of the store employees had gathered together now, and as [TOHSAKA] was leaving they all stood up and faced the door and windows. The sun illuminating the group, they crossed their arms and proudly proclaimed their sojourn to the world.

    10:15PM Unnamed Area, Fuyuki

    The night sky twinkled with stars, that by all rights should be obscured by the bright city lights of modern Fuyuki. A common sky looked upon by humans across the world in turn as it rotates. [TOHSAKA] fidgeted under this particular section, precariously laying back across several crosshatched steel bars at what seemed to be tens of meters above ground level. He sighed and glanced around slowly.
    I don't think it'd be too much to ask for something to happen around-
    His cellphone suddenly blared to life, screeching Gregorian chant. He jerked at this, almost slipping off his high perch. He cursed lightly and checked caller ID.
    Urgh, really...I thought I silenced, it's him...I should really reconsider my choice of friends...
    “Where are you? I asked that person, she said to try your house, you weren't there.”
    Must you really call this late at night? It’d be very inconvenient for me and my health if this was a regular occurrence.
    “Well in that case, what are you doing out at this time, I wonder?”
    Something of the utmost importance that I really can’t tell you at this point, but you’re interrupting. Call back later.
    “No, you. If you’re out dealing in marijuana or who knows what, at least get me a share.”
    What the- who told you that? That’s retarded! [Sigh]urk...when I get back... *ahem* My dear boy, you have been sorely misinformed by a gossipy old broad. I run an honest business, and it would normally be very prosperous, but the economy has its myriad ways and at times I’m down on my luck. It would be naive to assume I resorted to extralegal means, desperate as I may be. We model citizens shall all persevere through these hard times with iron determination and strong optimism. You would do well to remember that, don’t you think?
    “Don’t....patronize me like that, it makes me feel like a kid being patted on the back...and what’s worse feels good.”
    You see? Deep inside you lies a core of morality, striving to-
    Well, that was fast.
    His head suddenly perked up in sensitivity. During the call he had zeroed in on a singular figure with keen eyes. This otherwise unremarkable person somehow set off warning bells in [TOHSAKA]’s head.
    Oh, it’s ‘someboyd’. Heheh, I know him. Let’s see what that bastard’s up to.
    He got up and rapidly paced down a 2 inch thick steel bar like it was a broad walkway, tensed up, and leapt into the night.

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