Phone call, day 3 night



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    Phone call, day 3 night

    Post by Meroy on Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:10 pm

    Companion calls Phantom trader, somewhere around end of day 3/beginning of day 4

    Meroy Start rp:
    Meroy Early in the morning of day 4, your phone starts ringing.
    RMX Hello? Who is it?
    Meroy My identity does not matter for now. All you need to know is that I am involved in a...war. I heard you too, were in that mess. I was thinking we could meet, for discussion purpose only. I do not wish to fight you yet.
    RMX Wha...I see. But we are already talking. Why do you want to meet in person?
    Meroy There is no way you can believe if you can trust a person simply by a phone conversation. If you feel like meeting could be threatening to your life, I will offer this. There is a burning field in the eastern part of this city. If we meet there at 5:30AM, there should be people around so we would not fight. It would also not be too crowded, and we could have our conversation without risking being heard by anyone.
    RMX You're straightfoward. I appreciate that. So be it then. I'll meet you there by dawn then. I'm pretty far from that place right now.
    Meroy That is fine, I will be waiting on a bench, wearing blue shirt. There should not be too many people and you should notice me easelly. I wish you luck until then.
    Meroy End rp

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