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    Post by Father Vincent on Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:43 am

    ...why did you do that...

    Do what?

    You just suddenly took over my body and agreed to something without my permission! Why?!

    You were taking too long to make a decision. We would've been there all day if I left it up to you.

    The least you could've done was to consult me before you do something like this.

    And why is that? Ultimately, that decision became significant to me. I would have the final say anyways. I don't now about you, but vengeance isn't very appealing now that I know there's a way out.

    I agree, but you of all people should understand the value of one's human body. The least you could do is to inform me before you do something like that.

    Fine, it won't happen again. Isn't it time for work soon? Instead of yelling at me, you should take a rest.

    Wait, I'm not finished yet!

    It was too late. The boy already retreated to a dark corner of her mind. The young girl, Mary, sighs. I don't understand, she thought to herself. I don't understand at all. Revenge was the reason why we came here. Revenge the reason why the boy continued to exist. Is this the redemption that he was promised? It doesn't seem right to her; having such an easy way out. And if vengeance wasn't so important to him, why was he suffering so long as a spirit of vengeance? Mary was plagued by these lingering questions and despite it , said nothing. She didn't chase after the boy in his mind and ask such important questions.

    It was because there is an unwritten rule between them that they could respect each other's privacy. That they wouldn't pry and invade each other's peace. It's a way to make the most peace, balance, and comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Apart from the incident before, this rule was usually respected. But you know, they can only live like this for so long. Ironically, the mutual respect that was established is starting to cause discord as opposed to balance. See, relationships can only grow if both parties bare more of themselves to each other. These two people have reached this point. It's tragic; they're both acting in a way that is for the best interest of the other. Their feelings, no matter how genuine, won't reach the other. If only they were more honest with each other...

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