Pre war check up.


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    Pre war check up.

    Post by kaede on Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:57 am

    The doctor sighs as he looks over a medical chart. “Well Ms.Arisoto there seems to be no change with your condition at the time.”
    “Ok doctor. I just keep taking my medication as usual right?” The girl says as she gets down from an examination and pulls her shirt over her head.
    “That is correct. If things get too tough for you have that young man who came with you to bring you in and we will take care of you.”
    The girl sighs a little as she starts walking out “Yes sir I’ll tell pae-san to bring me in if I feel worse.” She pauses as she is about to walk out then turns around to face the doctor. “Have a nice day doctor.” With that she walks out the door closing it gently behind her.

    Waiting outside the room a tall blonde haired man leans against a wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed.
    “I take it you are alright my lady? If so let’s leave this place.”
    The girl nods “Yes I am fine.” The girl smiles a little. “If you don’t mind I’d like to stop by the library on the way home and pick up a few books…you don’t mind do you?”
    The man simply chuckles a little “Not at all. Let us go we don’t want to be late now do we?”

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