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    Shounen: A calm day

    Post by Meroy on Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:41 am

    It was the middle of March. It was a clear day and temperature was getting warmer each day. As he walked toward the city where he was to stay for a while, he considered the past months. Spending time in a city could prove refreshing after such a long time spent in cold forests.

    ‘’Let’s stop here for a pause’’, he said to the man walking quietly by his side.

    The one who said that was in his early 20, his dark hair cut short. He was looking at the sky with clear green eyes. He walked to the side of the road, dropped his backpack and sat down near a tree. The other man followed him. He was older, has casual brown hair and eyes. He looked at his friend.

    ‘’Are you already tired? When I was your age, I wouldn’t stop every kilometer for a pause’’

    The young one looked back at him with a smile

    ‘’Meroy, are you not the one who taught me the importance of patience. Not only is there no rush to get there, but this is the first time in so long we can relax and breathe some fresh air. We’re not going to get attacked here anyways’’

    Meroy wanted to reply, but his young friend was already lost in his thought, starring at the sky.

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