Will I make it?



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    Will I make it?

    Post by Iso on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:12 am

    It´s a quite night one of those he loves the most. One of those he hates the most.
    The night is so silent, its nearly scary.
    The only thing he can hear is the wind, his breath and the sound of turning pages from the book he is reading.
    But on the other hand it would be more unusual to hear people at such a place, at such a time.
    He prefers it that way, everything is silent, he is alone and he has time to read.
    It could have been a perfect night, if there wasn't this one everlasting problem.
    The burning pain burrowed in his chest. He carries it with him now long enough to hide the pain it causes to him.
    But at silent nights like this where the only thing distracting him from his cruel fate is a book, he can clearly feel it.
    Like it is eating him, eating him alive and growing. He sometimes wonders if it is a living thing, but that would be absurd.

    "I have to get rid of it. No matter what, or else it will grow to big for me to handle it anymore."

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