Attorney Matou, Day 1


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    Attorney Matou, Day 1

    Post by Capitalist Pig on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:32 am

    It was a cool evening as Bengoshi walked with Seishin into her favorite burger joint. There was a celebratory mood in the air, and Seishin had a broad grin on her face.
    "Good job *snarfgobblegobble* in court today Bengoshi *snarfsnarfsnarfgobblegobblegobblesnarf*", she said in between mouthfuls of burger.
    Bengoshi smiled, wiped her burger-covered face with a napkin, and said "I couldn't have won if not your your help."
    Then, suddenly, Bengoshi felt a chill run through the air, almost like a silent gust of wind bringing a cold front. Seishin seemed not to have noticed and kept eating with her usual gusto, and only Bengoshi felt, the small stab of pain in his command spell. He gave his servant a silent command to scout the area and report back upon seeing anything suspicious, and began to eat his burger.

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