A quiet evening



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    A quiet evening

    Post by BobbyKah on Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:52 am

    There they are.
    A quiet, shady pub. Why this one? Their instincts normally tell those two to avoid such places.
    But the spirits are cheap, the beer is as good as anywhere and there are a few people who got some stories to tell.
    The [Detective] and his co-worker choose a small table at the end of the bar with a view to the entrance. Another feature granted by their years of experience... almost more cautiousness than good for them.
    "Hey look there!" The co-worker points to another table. "Don't we know those guys?"
    The [Detective] follows the hand of his co-worker. Yeah, they knew them. They knew their names, ages and also their addresses. Some small criminals. Not big enough to carry any grudge against the two police officers.
    "Yes we caught them last week. Twice. No big deal." He replied. No big deal... there were not many "big deals" in the past few years.
    The biggest one was many years ago. Almost forgotten now. But it will happen again. Soon.
    The calmness of this city will not last much longer. But when it happens, they will be ready.
    With that thoughts they order their drinks and listen to the people who don't know of the dangers that may lie ahead.

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