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    Supervisor Day 2

    Post by Father Vincent on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:20 am

    The girl with red hair, dressed in a white Victorian dress, is talking to herself again. She seems a little exhausted, and the people around her seem worried. She sent them away to get tea, so it was ok. It was getting busy, but she's only half-way there. Three packages still sit on a desk, looking quite lonely now that a few packages have been taken. Hopefully, the Servants know enough to tell their Master to come here. Or that they even know where the Supervisor is. Whoever designed this war needs to be smacked on the head for making this disorganized system.


    You have to learn to relax if you're going to do this job. It's pointless to be here if you're going to burn yourself out in the first few days.

    I don't need someone like you to criticize my work ethics.

    This isn't just your work ethics. You don't need to interrogate someone based on the tiniest suspicions you have. In the end, it turned out that you were wrong and you just wasted time and effort. This is the Holy Grail War; not a witch hunt. If it doesn't seem like innocent lives will be hurt, there's no need to intervene.

    I know, but it just disgusts me how people can be so deceiving.

    In the end, it turned out there was no deception right? If we irrationally acted on any suspicion, we'd be no better than the Church. Besides, it's the Holy Grail War. Trickery and deception flows like water here. There's no need to care about it. Your job right now is to protect the innocent lives here. Following your "duty" is secondary.


    It's alright. I was a little nervous the first few days too. Right now, just make sure you stay calm and keep yourself safe. Everything else comes after. Don't worry, you have people supporting you. You're not alone, okay?


    Her subordinates came back soon with tea, and they tilted to cup to her mouth. While the girl was taking a well-deserved rest, the boy in her mind thought deep where she couldn't hear.

    Thank-you? That's what I should be telling you...

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