Tohsaka: A prelude

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    Tohsaka: A prelude

    Post by Corenat Rovarnus on Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:14 am

    8:00AM Tohsaka Residence, Day 2.

    Mellow sun beams streamed through the half drawn curtains, giving the living room a blinding nostalgic yellow glow. It had been as such every day, for the more than 40 years the old Western-style mansion had stood. Today it only served to irritate its primary occupant, who sat brooding over a lukewarm beverage in the living room. The door to the kitchen was left slightly ajar.

    And to think I normally enjoy mornings...ugh...Well, the early bird gu- gets the worm, as they say. *yawn*
    [TOHSAKA] glanced at the screen of his phone, then looked back up.
    Looks like I failed you, father. Whatever, I’m still the acting territory lord. Time to go hunt for some pot.
    “What’s this? You have a marijuana addiction?”
    ? Huh. You’ve been standing there for quite a while, I can tell.
    “[Tsk, tsk]. Your ancestors would not be proud of you at all.”
    Mercy....I’m just joking around, you know me. So what’s up?
    “I noticed signs of a mess in the basement. You tried something big and dangerous, and it failed?”
    *mutter*The summoning..[sigh]...I hadn’t realized it was too excess of nine millenia....*mutter*...Yes. Seriously, you’re a bit too nosy with your privileges. It makes me wonder just how much the garbage man knows about me.
    “You mad?”
    He stretched his neck out.
    “So you stayed up the entire night trying to hide it, eh.”
    Uh huh. No, I was trying to do some research but the mainframe’s going haywire. I’m gonna have to read up on basic protocols and switching, as well as the accursed magnet workings. And err, that’s why I’m leaving now. Keep on call for the storefront.
    [TOHSAKA] strode out the door, headed to the city center.

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