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    The 7th Einzbern Master

    Post by Aelms on Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:50 am

    “...I see.” she replied, maintaining a controlled expression which was only betrayed by her eyes.

    The truth was out. She deserved to know.

    Tonight marks the beginning of the War, perhaps not for the other Masters, but definitely for us. My life will now be put at stakes along with all other competitors. I called out my Servant's name, and the heroic spirit materialised promptly to my call.

    Her gaze shifted from me to the Servant. “This is your own companion isn't it?”

    She became unfocused, no longer looking at the us of the present. Maybe she saw her own experiences being reflected from the sight of both my Servant and I. In her mind, she must have saw a completely different pair of individuals in front of her. Perhaps, just perhaps, her mind was still in her own adventure from the years ago.

    And then there was silence. I allowed her to wander in her memories as I made my own personal resolution. When she regains her composure, there will be much to be spoken of. But until then, I allowed my own mind to play back once again the peaceful times that are no longer meant to be.


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