Phantom Trader: The first meeting


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    Phantom Trader: The first meeting

    Post by RMX on Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:32 am

    One of the benefits of being self-employed is the ability to grant yourself days off when you please. That’s why [PHANTOM TRADER] was leisurely spending his time in the colorful streets of the market district of Miyama. In days like these, he would do some of his most mundane chores. These tasks took him unusual amounts of time as he enjoyed exploring the streets and alleys of the ever-changing city in search for new worthwhile spots and stores.

    In such fashion [PHANTOM TRADER] found an antique shop that, despite appearing to have been there for a very long time, had managed to elude his sense of exploration until today. The store wasn’t particularly well illuminated, but it was cramped with all sort of furniture and other items from the 20th century or even older times. This delighted [PHANTOM TRADER] immensely. To his surprise the storekeeper was a beautiful young woman, with long silky hair down to her knees with shiny mauve tones and eyes of a matching color and a set of old and small glasses mounted on a thin silver frame. After amusing the lady with his extensive knowledge, he looked around the store in search for items that he may fancy. Nevertheless, he quickly asked what special goodies she hid in the back storage. He knew all merchants kept the best cards hidden up their sleeves in wait for the best clients. After a lively conversation between avid hagglers, the woman finally presented him with a reward worth the effort: a finely crafted carpet used by a long-ago forgotten and extinguished lineage of German alchemists. Trespassing the line between historical archeology and occultism, the carpet sported a gorgeous and complex pattern with many ornaments, all of which seemed to follow a circular pattern around the center of the carpet. After another lengthy discussion in which both parties seemed to be hiding many things from each other, [PHANTOM TRADER] obtained his victory at the expense of a pretty immodest amount of cash; and thus he went home as part of his routine.

    [to be continued]

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