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    Post by Lucid on Sun May 23, 2010 12:26 am

    Sue me.
    I don't even wanna claim that all the rule threads here are written by me entirely. The system was not made by me entirely either. Still I've spent lots of effort combining all the good things I've found and making some sort of RP system out of them.
    • Fuyuki Wiki — This site is probably my favorite one regarding data from Nasuverse. I've copy-pasted lots of text from here. I've used it to estimate some numerical values like stats or prana costs for the game.
    • TYPE-MOON Wiki — Haven't used this site much, just for some confirming. Still a great site.
    • BESM — Big Eyes Small Mouth system. I've copied some things from there. Those familiar with the system will probably notice some resemblance.
    • Fate Nasuverse RPG — I've read this through few times and it probably has had lots of effect on the rules of this system. I haven't blatantly copied anything but there might be some resemblance.

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