Superversior: Day 1


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    Superversior: Day 1

    Post by Father Vincent on Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:45 am

    A girl in a wheelchair sits alone in a small room. Her long red hair flows down to her waist, giving off a sense of maturity and exoticness. Her pale skin and blue eyes are quite beautiful, but something feels "off" about them both. Disregarding that, something even weirder is happening. The beautiful, red-haired, pale young girl is...talking to herself?

    Oi oi, aren't you the Supervisor for this war? Why aren't you doing your job.

    Don't make tasteless jokes. You of all people should know about my condition, and thus, know how inappropriate you are acting. Not to mention

    God, I'm just bored. You haven't said anything in forever.

    That's because I'm resting. How about staying quiet so I don't collapse later?

    You're such a tight-ass. Which is funny, since you don't do shit. What have you done to do your job so far, hmm?

    You already know what I'm doing.

    God you're so lazy. Play it off however you want, all you really do is sit on your ass all day.

    And those print-outs?

    God, who the hell makes a print-out to the HOLY GRAIL WAR. You're even lazier than me!

    It's more efficient that way fool. Now leave me alone, I'm resting.

    The room became silent again. The noise did seem to change something now though, and a large man has entered the room. They say nothing, however.

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