Posting Your Movements


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    Posting Your Movements

    Post by Lucid on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:01 am

    To make things a bit easier for me I'll make new format for posting your movements and add some notes. New format is:
    [Username] Morning [Area X]:
    [Username] Afternoon [Area X]:
    [Username] Evening [Area X]:
    [Username] Night [Area X]:
    Also make sure to include your character title in the Movement thread name.

    When posting your movements:
    • If you're trying to use your skills or abilities during your round, add the info on those as well.
      Lucid Afternoon [Area 3]: I try to find the nearest shop that sells manga. [Information Gathering 5] Prana concealment item in effect. Servant follows dematerialized.
    • If your servant is following you, you don't have to make separate movements for him.
    • During a round, you can't stay on your current location for few hours and then move to another place. You can only do things in one area during one round.
      Lucid Morning - [Area 6] Stays in home for 2 hours. [Area 3 > 2] Stroll around the town.
    • You don't need to make any time markings or such, just use the format above.

    You don't need to make new posts for the movement. I'll manage with the current ones for this Day. But starting on Day 2 use the above format. I'll add it to the wiki rules soon.

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