Arrival at Fuyuki


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    Arrival at Fuyuki

    Post by Belmont on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:11 am

    Here. Here it is. Fuyuki City.

    The sun is slowly rising, dispersing the darkness around the forest. The trees around him stand completely still with no leaves falling from them, there is no movement whatsoever as if there is no living thing in the whole forest. A forsaken forest where barely any light is able to shine through the thick trees and the smell of decay is widespread. The figure climbs the highest tree in a graceful manner and takes a deep look down, into the fog covered city below him.

    It is a peaceful and quiet city.
    However, there is always more to something than the eye meets. The spiritual presence is higher than in any other city we have been in before, it seems the information we have received was right.

    After a few minutes he jumps down from the tree and continues walking towards the city. The only sound in the whole forest is him walking over the branches and leaves, it reminds him of his country or rather, what he is able to remember of it. The artifacts he has been looking for several years reside in this city and he will not allow anyone or anything to interfere.

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