[Collector] Day 1


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    [Collector] Day 1

    Post by Belmont on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:16 pm

    Morning [Area 4->3->2]: Collector arrives at the outskirts of Fuyuki City after a long travel. In order to learn the general layout of Miyama Collector will access various rooftops on the area.
    Afternoon [Area 2->5]: Collector will buy something to eat while he is on the move. He will continue to learn the general layout of Miyama while trying to avoid any attention towards him.
    Evening [Area 5->2->1]: During his earlier observations Collector spotted the Temple and will now move towards it.
    Night [Area 1]: Collector will investigate the Temple (or the Temple's ruins). He is mostly looking for artifacts and supernatural entities. If there is any spare time he will rest until the morning.

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    Re: [Collector] Day 1

    Post by Lucid on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:19 am

    Night: You arrive at the so called Temple - the place is in ruins. You don't have much information about its history. Maybe it hasn't been visited in decades. There's also an eerie feeling in the air. The air in the area feels dead, but you can't form it into words. Maybe it has something to with thaumaturgy?

    You search around the area. Traces of old houses and stone sculptures. In the end, there is nothing of value here. All you can find are mysterious scribbles carved in stone all around the area. You trace them down to a piece paper just in case.

    You walk by one of the buildings when something catches your eye. It's a bamboo flute laying on the ground surrounded by some thick bushes. It seems old, however for some reason it shows no signs of decaying. You spin the top of the flute open. There's a parchment with details for a summoning ritual. For what, you don't know.
    [Servant Summoning Data Acquired]

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