Final Deadline for Characters


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    Final Deadline for Characters

    Post by Lucid on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:03 am

    The Final Deadline for characters is 26th of this month.
    If your character isn't done by then then we're starting without you. It's possible to intergrate you into the game after the launch within the first few game days. Though 1 week should be more than enough to finish your character.

    So far the player list looks like this.
    • Meroy
      Has done some stuff.
    • Belmont - Servantless
      Finished character.
    • kaede - Servantless
      Finished character.
    • Jad
      Might be delayed a bit.
    • Aelms - Einzbern
    • Sushi - Supervisor
      Almost done character.
    • Corenat Rovarnus - Tohsaka
      Status unknown.
    • Capitalist Pig
    • RMX
      Finished character.
    • Isonar
      Might join the game.
    • Bobbykah
      Might join the game.

    Read the other Announcement threads for more info and such. Some simple steps to ensure your character makes it in time, is to simply PM me when you have your basic character sketch or have abilities you want me to rank. I'm online on the IRC channel often too.

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