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    The Campaign

    Post by Lucid on Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:22 am

    <RMX> is this HGW supposed to be the 6th war too?
    <Grimwind> uhhh...
    <Grimwind> how about the 7th War? :)
    <Grimwind> I decide what your characters did on the previous war
    <Grimwind> based on their background stories and abilities
    <RMX> so is this even more into the future?
    <Grimwind> it's just an idea
    <Grimwind> I haven't decided on the story yet
    <Grimwind> I'm reluctant to use the old story as people know some bits of it already
    <RMX> if it resulted in failure you can probably pull a short timeskip like between the 4th and 5th war
    <Grimwind> yeah

    You guys have any good ideas or want to just leave the main plot for me to decide like last time? Last time I didn't add many things from each characters backstory, but on this one I'll try include as many things as possible.

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