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    Command Spell
    Command Mantra. The symbol and requirements to be a Master. Dispatched by the Greater Holy Grail and binds to the circuits of a magus. Only three per Master - actual form may vary. Unlike seals, will be visible. Serves as forced commands to the Servant that can boost an instantaneous action, teleportation to the Master, or more specific orders (such as impale your own heart). More general orders will not have the desired effects, such as never disobey me, although those that are abnormally powerful with magical arts can at least cause something to happen.
    As they bind to the circuits and nerves of a magus, attempted removal can result in permanent paralysis and whatnot. Extraction through the spiritual body instead of the physical body will prevent this, but only those with experience in that (such as Kotomine) can do that.

    Generally the form is going to be a reflection of the thaumaturgy special trait of the magus.
    As long as a Master still has one command spell, he can still make a contract with another Servant. This also means he can have multiple Servants. However, the Prana being sent from Master to Servants will be split between the two, meaning lowered stats. Ilyasviel's command spells are different from the others since she's a Grail. They're engraved on her entire body.

    You can use a command spell during any part of the game. However the result of that command spell is determined by the game-master. You need to wait for the final judgement of the game-master before proceeding with your RP. Use the report button function.

    For Servants and Humans losing all their Health Points does not mean death. For Servants it's possible to regenerate from fatal wounds with skills and such. If a servant goes below his normal health points you need to spend a great amount of prana points to stabilize him but he won't be able to do battle after that until he has recovered after some rest.

    If a Human character loses all his health points he goes in to shocked state where he can't move anymore. Depending on his END rank he has still some time to receive treatment on his wounds. However if after entering shocked state he will receive a finishing blow from the enemy it's Bad End for the character.
    F 1 hour.
    G 30 minutes.
    H 15 minutes.

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