Battle and Damage


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    Battle and Damage

    Post by Lucid on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:58 am

    Heaven or hell, round 1 lets rock!
    The possible situations where you can initiate battle are.
    • You sense something during your day or night round movements and decided to initiate battle.
    • You land on the same spot as something you can attack and decide to initiate battle.
    • You have a normal RP discussion with other player and decided to initiate battle due for some reason. I mean it's not all about battle, you might meet with other players and decided not to attack.

    Whenever a battle is initiated GM should be notified with the button functionality. If other possible battle starting scenarios come up the game-masters should be consulted. The battles are going to be carried out with role-playing of course. If there are any problems on the flow of the battle, game-master will decide how to act.
    There are multiple different battle possibilities that might arise. Archer attacking a target very far from him which gives Archer multiple attacking turns. Assassin attacking an unaware master - the master needs to have high enough environmental awareness and good enough AGI to not receive a fatal wound. If situations where there are no certain rules how to continue the game-master will decide how to continue. As the game continues new situations come up and I'll try to make records of them for updates to rules.

    Archers attacks were sharp but their speed was readable. With a well timed jump Lancer managed to evade two of Archers slashes but three of Archers attacks scratched Lancers body. Archers final attack was from a blind spot but Lancer brushed the attack attempt aside with his spear.
    "Seems like you aren't still using your true powers." Lancer tried to taunt Archer.
    That said Lancer fixed his pose and tried to stab Archer with seven fast and focused spear thrusts aimed towards Archers chest.
    "Eat this!"

    Lancers spear attacks can't be counter-attacked with weapons that have shorter range than spear. Each attack has damage of 10.
    You should place off-character notes between spoiler tags. On this example it's Lancers turn and he uses normal defensive and offensive actions. You can write in 1st or 3rd person, whichever suits you more.

    Starting Battle
    When the game-master is notified of the start of the battle he will make a post to the thread containing some info on the environment and the battle character order which is decided by AGI. After this each player will continue with their turn order.

    Doing Actions
    The number of actions is determined by your AGI rank. It covers the basics of battle like normal attacks and evading, however certain things are handled a bit differently like spell-casting and noble phantasms. The amount of actions needed is marked in tags.

    Normal Actions
    • Normal Attack (1)
      Normal attack with the current weapon you are using.
    • Defend (1)
      You attempt to parry opponents attack with your own weapon or spell. If the damage is greater than your defense value you suffer the health difference. More info on Clashing below.
    • Handling Items (1)
      Taking out some item or switching weapon.
    • Speaking Too Much (1)
      Throwing some one-liners is fine but if you want to speak more than 4 sentences it's one action.
    • Evade (2)
      Evades enemy's normal attack with no damage taken. May be only used against normal attacks, doesn't work against magical attacks unless you have a special way to evade them.
    • Counter (Varies)
      Some servants have abilities that let them counter certain enemy attacks. The effect may wary.

    Complicated Actions
    • Spell-Casting (Varies)
      Spells take a certain number of turns rather than actions to complete. Some spells take longer to activate than others. During one round a normal magus will be able to speak two lines. As such you can activate two one-line spells during your turn or use those lines to some bigger spell. You may use your normal amount of Defend and Evade actions, however using any kind of attack will immediately break the concentration of your spell.
      If you use a noble phantasm you can only cast one per round which ends your turn as well. You can use your actions normally but not any offensive actions.

    Elaboration. Player 1 starts the battle and uses all his actions to attack Player 2. None of those attack aren't yet sure to hit. It's Player 2's turn next and he uses his actions normally. He could use his actions to block enemy's attack for example with the Defend action. He could use Evade with half of his actions and attack with the other half. You can allocate your actions any way you like as long as it doesn't break the rules. If you don't manage to defend or evade all the enemy's attacks you will take that much damage as detailed in his post.

    Special Battle Actions
    Servant Covering
    Only Servants can do this. You can note in your spoiler tags that your servant is covering for some other target like his master while fighting. That servant can use his actions to defend all ranged attacks aimed at the person you are covering. If enemy tries to melee attack the person you are covering for, your attacks aimed at the attacker are count as critical hits and do double damage which the enemy cannot negate.

    Don't really have any great ideas on how to handle this. If you have some special skills to escape those are good to have. If you want to try to escape by just running away alert the game-master with report function and he will determine how to continue. I'll compare the AGI and END stats of the one escaping and the one chasing to see how it will continue.

    Weapons and Noble Phantasm
    Noble Phantasm Weapons
    Can be used to Defend against Spells.
    These weapons use the same cost table as noble phantasms.
    Weapons such as Excalibur or Gae Bolg fall under this category. Swords, lances, bows are among the more common ones. There are also support-type Noble Phantasms like crowns and rings.
    Listed are rank, melee damage and missile damage.
    • EX [STR x 6] [STR x 3]
    • A [STR x 4] [STR x 2]
    • B [STR x 2] [STR x 1]
    • C [STR x 1] [STR x 0.5]
    • D [STR x 0.65] [STR x 0.35]
    • E [STR x 0.35] [STR x 0.25]

    Normal Weapons
    Weapons such as Riders Dagger or Berserker's Axeclub — it can also refer to limited supply or projectiles such as Hassans dirks. Nameless weapons that don't have any special history. As with all Servant weapons, even non-Noble Phantasms, will have an effect on spiritual phenomenon. Even though these weapons don't have noble phantasm powers, they can still fight against noble phantasm weapons without breaking to some extent.
    Listed are rank, melee damage and missile damage.
    • A [STR x 1.25] [STR x 0.65]
    • B [STR x 1] [STR x 0.5]
    • C [STR x 0.75] [STR x 0.40]
    • D [STR x 0.5] [STR x 0.25]
    • E [STR x 0.25] [STR x 0.15]

    Noble Phantasms
    Ranks are from E to A++ unless stated otherwise. When rank is marked with a + it means that just for one moment it is able to temporarily increase its damage two-fold, overcoming even a higher ranked weapon. This rule only applies to noble phantasms.
    • A (50)
    • B (40)
    • C (30)
    • D (20)
    • E (10)
    Pure noble phantasm damage is calculated with [Power x 2 x Type Modifier] formula. However the damage might be decreased or increased depending on the effect of the noble phantasm.
    • Support (1)
    • Anti-Unit (1)
    • Anti-Army (1.2)
    • Anti-Fortress (1.4)
    • Anti-World (1.6)
    If a projectile or thrown attack has a maximum target of 1 and it gets blocked by something other than the target — for example a summoned being then that being takes the full damage of the attack and the original target doesn't get harmed. This can be however disregarded if the noble phantasm has some other effects such as never to miss the intended target. Maximum targets indicates how many people the noble phantasm can hit effectively.

    Damage and Clashing
    The basic damage and defense values are based on the persons STR and their weapon multiplier. Skills can increase the damage as well. Each weapon that is dependant on your STR stat has a damage modifier rank decided by the player, the more powerful that modifier is the more it costs. The best modifier you can get on your weapon is something rivaling the Normal Weapons modifiers above. If the weapon is not dependant on your STR stat like guns, you need to set a fixed damage ration to them. For a very good sniper rifle the damage could be even as much as 80 points.

    Strength (STR) (Servant and Human)
    Generally refers not so much to physical strength but normal attack strength.
    A+ Attack power 60.
    A Attack power 50.
    B Attack power 45.
    C Attack power 40.
    D Attack power 35.
    E Attack power 30.
    F Attack power 15.
    G Attack power 10.
    H Attack power 5.

    If you attempt to Defend (1) against an enemy attack, you compare the damage the enemy does to the damage you could do with that weapon you are parrying with. If enemy's attack has more damage you take that difference as chip damage. If your damage would be greater you take no damage but neither does your opponent.

    You can't attempt to use Defend (1) against magical attacks with a normal weapon unless it has properties that work against them. You could however use Defend (1) against magical attacks with another magical attack. If you clash a defensive spell against an offensive spell and overcome it, no damage is done to neither player. However if you clash an offensive spell against an offensive spell and your damage is greater, your enemy has to block that damage on this next turn somehow or suffer it all.

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    Battle changes!

    Post by Rallasner on Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:49 am

    Most of it is not changing, simply a change in how one posts. Going to post an example fight so you get an idea of it

    Turn order turns out to be Player A with an AGI of A (9 actions), then B with an AGI of C (6 actions).
    Person A private messages me his exact actions (4 attack, 3 defenses, and 1 getting out an item), then posts an RP post in the event thread that looks something like.

    Player A rapidly attacks B, while quickly adjusting to any offenses he may throw out in retaliation, then backs off to grab a potion from his inventory.
    Of course, being as descriptive as you can is best for these.

    After this, it is Player B's turn, of the 2 posts, he can only see the RP post, so private messages his actions to me of something like: 4 defenses, 2 attack, and then posts his RP post.
    Player B quickly moves around the strikes, parrying them as he goes, then launches a few powerful strikes.

    After both players PM me their actions and do their RP posts, I will essentially post what the actions are, or if whim permits, I might do it as a full RP post as well as something like.
    Player A's attacks skillfully find their target, but mostly get lightly deflected away, with only 1 or 2 attacks breaking through B's defenses.
    (Player A: 4 attacks, 3 defenses, 1 item handling - Player B: 4 defenses, 2 attacks)

    Result: 4 A attacks clash with B defense, 3 B attacks clash with A defense.
    At this point, you would inform them of the exact damage and such as normal, or I will to speed things along.

    Another addition is attacks being capable of clashing, this means that, assuming the AGI is close enough and both players take offensive action, they have a chance of clashing. Follow this chart to see how I determine if they clash or not.

    Same AGI: All clash.
    1 AGI difference: 1 does not.
    2 AGI difference: 2 do not.
    3 AGI difference: 4 do not.
    4 and higher AGI difference: no chance of offensive actions clashing.

    As a note, this means the ORDER OF HOW YOU SEND YOUR ACTIONS IS IMPORTANT, here's an example of why. Say A with A rank AGI and B with B rank AGI are fighting, there is a difference of 1 AGI rank, so 1 attack action will not clash. This means the first action that player A does has absolutely no chance of clashing.

    So if the actions are something like this.
    A: 4 attacks, 5 defends
    B: 3 attacks, 3 defends
    Results in something like, 1 attack goes through with no clash, then 3 attack clashes, defends unused. Result of them having a staring contest, clearly.

    However if the actions are something like this.
    A: 1 attack, 5 defends, 3 attacks
    B: 3 attacks, 3 defends
    This results in A's first attack going through, then defending B's 3 attacks, then hitting B's defense with his own 3 attacks.

    Note that the attack action that does not clash, ALWAYS COMES FROM THE PERSON WITH HIGHER AGI - they're faster, so obviously they get more hits in before the slower person can act. Defense actions will operate normally without considering this, so if A did 8 attacks and B did 6 defense, then 6 would be defense clashed, and 2 would hit without issue.

    The way damage for attack clashing works similar to clashing with defenses, except that the person who deals out less damage will take the difference in damage, regardless of which player it is.
    Example: Player A does 50 damage and player B does 60 damage, this means on attack clashes, A will take 10 damage, while clashing with B's defense A won't take any damage at all.

    P.S.: Also note that I'm going to try and add an incentive for players to RP as fully as they can on their RP posts, as to what it is, I haven't decided yet.
    P.S.S: This will be tested for a couple battles to see how it goes, will decide if its a permanent change or not after those.

    Disabled for now. I'll decide on this later.

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